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Complete Chart of 7000+ Different Beers

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We have spent almost a decade rating and reviewing the beers of the world, and have found many thousands of them. You can view our beer charts here. Click the link below to view the complete 7000+ beer chart...

Complete Chart of 7000+ Different Beers

Or you can view charts by country of origin. (Eventually, every country will be available, but this will be built up over time)...

Country of origin Number of beers listed
Albanian Beers   1
Argentine Beers   2
Armenian Beers   5
Australian Beers   507
Austrian Beers   70
Bahamian Beers   2
Belarusian Beers   7
Belgian Beers781
Bosnia Beers1
Brasilian Beers8
Bulgarian Beers2
Canadian Beers120
Chilean Beers3
Chinese Beers36
Columbia Beers2
Croatian Beers1
Cuban Beers5
Cyprian Beers2
Czech Beers139
Danish Beers28
Dominican Republican Beers1
Salvadoran Beers1
English Beers2958
Estonian Beers12
Ethiopian Beers2
Finnish Beers3
French Beers157
German Beers618
Greek Beers5
Holland Beers302
Hong Kong Beers13
Hungarian Beers2
Indian Beers16
Indonesian Beers3
Irish Beers39
Manx Beers18
Israeli Beers3
Italian Beers48
Jamaican Beers4
Japanese Beers32
Kenyan Beers1
Lao Beers2
Latvian Beers51
Lebanese Beers5
Lithuanian Beers16
Luxembourg Beers2
Macau Beers1
Madeira Beers1
Malaysian Beers7
Maltese Beers2
Mauritian Beers3
Mexican Beers23
Mongolian Beers3
Montenegran Beers3
Morroccan Beers2
Mozambican Beers2
Namibian Beers3
Dutch Antillean Beers1
New Zealand Beers35
Nigerian Beers3
Norwegian Beers3
Pakistani Beers1
Palestinian Beers1
Peruvian Beers1
Phillippine Beers5
Polish Beers95
Portugese Beers12
Puerto Rican Beers1
Romanian Beers1
Russian Beers25
Sammarinese Beers1
Saudi Arabian Beers6
Scottish Beers188
Serbian Beers3
Singaporean Beers30
Slovakian Beers2
Slovenian Beers5
South African Beers8
South Korea Beers7
Spanish Beers29
Sri Lankan Beers2
Surinamese Beers2
Swedish Beers30
Swiss Beers73
Tahiti Beers1
Taiwanese Beers2
Tanzanian Beers1
Thai Beers7
Trinidadian Beers1
Turkish Beers1
Turks & Caicos Islander Beers2
Ugandan Beers2
Ukrainian Beers17
Emirati Beers6
American Beers486
Venezuelan Beers1
Vietnamese Beers7
US Virgin Islander Beers3
Welsh Beers64
Zimbabwean Beers1

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