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What Redoak Boutique Beer Café says about itself:
Redoak Brewery brews a range of premium boutique beers with numerous specialty beer styles. All of Redoak's beers are brewed 'true to style' and have no additives or preservatives. Redoak is Australia's most awarded brewery and has achieved significant international acclaim for many of its beers.
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Redoak Boutique Beer Café brewery

Approximate range: 20 (based on average of estimates)
Prices: above average (based on most recent review)

201 Clarence Street
tel.: 02 9262-3303

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Drinks brewed by or for Redoak Boutique Beer Café

Beer Name % ABV style rating
Baltic Porter 20069.00%Baltic Porter87.50%
Belgian Chocolate Stout5.00%Oatmeal Stout71.50%Redoak Boutique Beer Café Belgian Chocolate Stout
Bitter3.20%English Bitter58.60%Redoak Boutique Beer Café Bitter
India Pale Ale6.50%English IPA55.25%Redoak Boutique Beer Café India Pale Ale
Nutter6.40%English Brown Ale68.20%
Organic Hefeweizen5.00%Hefeweizen78.50%Redoak Boutique Beer Café Organic Hefeweizen
St. Nicholas 20069.00%Tripel76.50%

User reviews of Redoak Boutique Beer Café

reviewed by admin1, from Tunisia, on Saturday 10 July 2010 at 13:47

This user guessed their range was around 20 and thought their prices were above average.

Redoak is by far the best microbrewery in New South Wales, and probably in the whole of Australia. Not all of what I have to say about it is positive, but I'll start with the good points, as there are more of those. To start with, it has an excellent range of beers. It's what I call a "daring" brewery with the courage to brew fairly unusual beers and a vast range of different styles, many of which are available at any one time.

The average quality of their beers is absolutely stunning. To name but a few, they brew Raspberry Hefeweizen, Belgian Chocolate Stout, Bavarian Pilsener, Wee Heavy, Christmas Cheer, Bock, Organic Pale Ale, Summer Weiss, Autumn Lager, Bitter and more.

Their expensive vintage specialities are Baltic Porter 2006 and St. Nicholas. The Baltic Porter is particularly gorgeous, and rated as the 2nd best beer I've ever had (out of more than 7000).

On both my visits to Sydney in 2005 and 2010, I found the staff to be friendly and knowlegdable about their beers. Indeed, they seem to promote beer knowledge. Speaking to one of the head guys there, I found out that the actual brewery is a large plant a few miles away and that their Beer Cafe at the centre of Sydney is a showpiece for their beers. They have a thorough beer menu with images of the beers as well as brief descriptions.

Unfortunately, this time I visited there on the Friday and Saturday nights that I was in Sydney, and it became very busy.

Since 2005, they've transformed over half the seating area into an in-house restaurant. The pub seating area is now sadly very cramped without proper seating to comfortably enjoy a good beer. It became very uncomfortable as the night wore on.

The fact is that you can't even sit in the "restaurant" area of the pub, even when it's almost completely empty. The seating in Redoak is sadly nothing short of insane and it's a shame the management have made such bad decisions about that. I felt like a sardine!

Chimay Blue Cap

The Beer Experience, 2010

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