The 61 best winter warmers in the world.

Here is the complete list of winter warmers in the beer chart so far. There are a total of 61.
No. brewery beer
strength descriptive
location (last)
9AveryOld Jubilation AleHad this beer?USA88.28b8bovril(home - yard)
103Harvey & SonChristmas AleHad this beer?England83.22b8.1pudding(room 436 of Amstel Botel)
108HarpoonWinter WarmerHad this beer?England83.22b5.5christmas-pudding(home)
187ThiriezBière De NoëlHad this beer?Poland80.68b8musty-citrus(home)
190Alaskan Brewing CompanyWinter AleHad this beer?USA80.51b6toffee(home)
323Stichting Noordhollandse Alternatieve Bierbrouwers (SNAB)IjsbokHad this beer?Holland79.16b9.3unique(room 18 in the Torenzicht pub hotel)
338Malt ShovelJames Squire Malt RunnerHad this beer?Australia79.16d5.2maple-syrupThe Grosvenor Hotel
447WychwoodBah HumbugHad this beer?England77.47b6different(home)
514Redoak Boutique Beer CaféChristmas CheerHad this beer?Australia77.14b6.2anaseedRedoak Boutique Microbrewery
653Badger (Hall & Woodhouse)Poacher's ChoiceHad this beer?England76.12b5.7unique(home)
659Wood'sChristmas CrackerHad this beer?England76.12b5fantastic(home)
664OtterClausHad this beer?England76.12b5malty(home)
756HampshireGood King 'CenslasHad this beer?England75.11b5Christmassy(home)
1213Everard'sSleighbellHad this beer?England72.41d4.5semi-BelgianThe Willow Bank
1224Shepherd NeameChristmas Ale 2006Had this beer?England72.41b5.5sweet(home)
1270CotleighRed Nose ReinbeerHad this beer?England72.07b5burnt-ish(home)
1428St. Peter'sWinter AleHad this beer?England71.06b5.9rich(home)
1682HolgateWinter AleHad this beer?Australia70.04b6oaky(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)
1719Young'sWinter WarmerHad this beer?England69.71d5heartyThe Willow Bank
1785Bells Hotel and BrewerySix Bells Winter Wheat BeerHad this beer?Australia69.37b4.9milk-chocolateBells Hotel & Brewery
1839SaverneBière de NoëlHad this beer?France68.92d5.8tasty(room 311 in Ibis hotel by the station)
1949Frog IslandRudolph's RevengeHad this beer?England68.36b5.6curranty(home)
1965JW LeesMoonraker AleHad this beer?England68.35b7.5hearty(on the train from Liverpool to Rugby)
1999Greene KingFiresideHad this beer?England68.02b4.5malty(home)
2031Fuller Smith & TurnerOld Winter AleHad this beer?England68.02b5.3toffee-malt(home)
2048RCHAle MaryHad this beer?England67.91b6spicy(home)
2094ThwaitesFlying ShuttleHad this beer?England67.68b4.833syrupy(home - yard)
2250Shepherd NeameChristmas Ale 2003Had this beer?England67.34b6sherry(on the train from Liverpool to Manchester)
2329Red RoseGreat Harwood Winter Warmer AleHad this beer?England67.00b4.5semi-spicy(home)
2345Shipyard Brewing CompanyPrelude Special AleHad this beer?USA67.00b6.8burnt-toffee(room 1011 in Bayview Inn, Best Western hotel)
2364Shepherd NeameWinter Hop AleHad this beer?England66.83b7challenging(room 1311 in Holiday Inn hotel)
2519Fuller Smith & TurnerJack FrostHad this beer?England65.82b4.5fruity-chocolate(home - yard)
2635CotleighBuzzard Dark AleHad this beer?England65.32b4.8raisins(home)
2696BrimstageFrosty Ferrett Winter WarmerHad this beer?England64.98d5black-currantsSheridons
2706Hobson'sOld HenryHad this beer?England64.98b5.2wholesome(home)
3008BatemansRosey NoseyHad this beer?England63.97b4.9malty(home)
3200Hardys & HansonsRocking Rudolph (5% version)Had this beer?England62.95d5xmasThe Richmond Tavern
3209George WrightPartridge in a Pear TreeHad this beer?England62.95d5.1semi-cakeyThe Richard John Blackler (Wetherspoons)
3350Brass MonkeyOrgan GrinderHad this beer?England62.28d4.5toffee-maltThe Ship and Mitre
3817Old BearHibernatorHad this beer?England60.93d5burntThe Ship and Mitre
3819Smile'sHolly Hops (5% version)Had this beer?England60.93d5hoppyThe Willow Bank
3832MordueTinsel ToonHad this beer?England60.93d4contrastingThe Richard John Blackler (Wetherspoons)
3983HighgateFat CatzHad this beer?England60.25d4.8dry-alcohol(home)
4054CorvedaleWinter in the SunHad this beer?England59.91b5rustic(home)
4070ElgoodReinbeerHad this beer?England59.69b5.9monsoon(room 18 in the Torenzicht pub hotel)
4209BlytheMerry MakerHad this beer?England58.90b4.5flavoury(home)
4239Bridge of AllanSporran Winter WarmerHad this beer?Scotland58.90d4.8semi-smokyThe Ship and Mitre
4248AnchorMerry Christmas & Happy New Year (Our Special Ale 2004)Had this beer?USA58.90b5.5pudding(room 18 in the Torenzicht pub hotel)
5010Coach HouseGray's Champion AleHad this beer?England55.86d4.2warmingThe Ship and Mitre
5026Newman'sWinter HogHad this beer?Wales55.86d4.6toffee-maltThe Ship and Mitre
5213OrkneyWhite ChristmasHad this beer?Scotland55.18d4.5semi-richThe Ship and Mitre
5315Arkell'sNoel AleHad this beer?England55.18b5.5not-Noel(room 123 in The Globe hotel)
5617ElgoodThin IceHad this beer?England53.83d4.7dark-fruitThe Welkin (Wetherspoons)
6198Spinning DogMuttley's RevengeHad this beer?England51.13d4.9darkThe Ship and Mitre
6241Lloyd'sWinter WarmerHad this beer?England50.79d4.5averageThe Ship and Mitre
6388Brain'sParty PopperHad this beer?Wales49.78d3.7thick-hopsThe Richmond Tavern
6518Smile'sHolly Hops (4.5% version)Had this beer?England49.11d4.5tangyThe Willow Bank
6684JW LeesWinter WarmerHad this beer?England48.77d4.5smokedThe Ship and Mitre
6685MaypoleButt WarmerHad this beer?England48.77d4.5spicyThe Fly in the Loaf
6844BatemansWinter CheerHad this beer?England46.74d4.2not-winterThe Willow Bank
7119Hardys & HansonsRocking Rudolph (4.5% version)Had this beer?England43.03d4.5ordinaryThe Lighthouse

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