The 55 best light lagers in the world.

Here is the complete list of light lagers in the beer chart so far. There are a total of 55.
No. brewery beer
strength descriptive
location (last)
430Atlanta Brewing CompanyKelly's Light Irish Stone BrewedHad this beer?USA77.81b3.8varietyThe Vortex
2125Lacplesa Alus (Royal Unibrew)LightHad this beer?Latvia67.68b4.2semi-malty(room 210 of Best Hotel)
2211James Boag'sLightHad this beer?Australia67.34b2.7candy(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)
2752San Miguel (Hong Kong)San Mig LightHad this beer?Hong Kong64.64b4.5fruity-rice(room 1509 in Empire Hotel)
2767Geelong Brewing CompanyPremium LightHad this beer?Australia64.64b2.7candy(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)
3265The South Australian Brewing CompanyWest End LightHad this beer?Australia62.61b2.3fresh(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)
3493De ProefbrouwerijIki BeerHad this beer?Belgium61.60b4.5fruity(room 314 in Best Western Amrath hotel)
3534CoorsKeystone LightHad this beer?USA61.60b4.2easy(room 1318 of Hawthorne Suites hotel)
3538SwanEmu Draught MidstrengthHad this beer?Australia61.60b3fresh(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)
3595LocherQuöllfrischHad this beer?Switzerland61.26b4.8crispJohanniter
3893TsingtaoDraftHad this beer?China60.59b4.7fresh(room 1509 in Empire Hotel)
3958Novom?stskýKnasnicovy SvetléHad this beer?Czech Republic60.25d4.15freshNovomestky Pivovar
4361Ellis IslandLightHad this beer?USA58.56d4.8sweet-ishEllis Island Casino and Brewery
4378Miller Brewing Company (SABMiller)Milwaukee's Best LightHad this beer?USA58.56c4.5bye-bye(room 1318 of Hawthorne Suites hotel)
4384Anheuser-BuschNatural Light (4.4% version)Had this beer?USA58.56c4.4light(room 307 of Days Inn hotel)
4387Anheuser-BuschMichelob LightHad this beer?USA58.56d4.3easyThe Elephant and Castle
4393ModeloCorona LightHad this beer?Mexico58.56b4rice(room 307 of Days Inn hotel)
4394New CenturyEdisonHad this beer?USA58.56b4sparklingThe Vortex
4402Toohey'sGold MidstrengthHad this beer?Australia58.56b3light(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)
4403Namibia BreweriesWindhoek LightHad this beer?Namibia58.56b2.4mlty(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)
4806Carlton & United BreweriesVB Raw Dry LagerHad this beer?Australia57.04b4.5freshZeebar
5093Boon RawdSingha LightHad this beer?Thailand55.52b3.5fresh(room 1806 in ??? Hotel)
5104SakuEuro BeerHad this beer?Estonia55.52c4.7plain(on the patio of Best Hotel, where they let us dri
5136Cervecería Cuauhtémoc MoctezumaTecate LightHad this beer?Mexico55.52c3.7light-malt(Pat and Phil's house)
5190De HemelLunaHad this beer?Holland55.18d5dryIn de Wildeman
5252Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams)LightHad this beer?USA55.18b4peculiarHoulihan's (Atlanta Airport)
5450Carlton & United BreweriesVB GoldHad this beer?Australia54.71d3.5floweryPJ O'Brian's
5469Great NorthernBlack Star LightHad this beer?USA54.51c5.9smooth(room 1318 of Hawthorne Suites hotel)
5660CoorsLightHad this beer?USA53.49c4.2light(on the plane from Atlanta to Manchester)
5663HahnSuper Dry 3.5Had this beer?Australia53.49b3.5lemon-hopsThe Juicy Rump
5787Miller Brewing Company (SABMiller)LiteHad this beer?USA52.73c4.17weak(on the plane from Atlanta to Manchester)
5847Monte Carlo Casino Pub & BreweryLas Vegas LitesHad this beer?USA52.48d3.2lightMonte Carlo Pub and Brewery
5859Pittsburgh Brewing CompanyIC LightHad this beer?USA52.48b4.15lemony(room 1011 in Bayview Inn, Best Western hotel)
5863BluetonguePremium LightHad this beer?Australia52.48b2.7fresh-orange(room 3 in Barramundi Lodge)
5865AmstelLight / LiteHad this beer?Holland52.48b3.5freshCafé t'Spui
5951Karl Strauss (San Diego)Endless Summer LightHad this beer?USA52.48b3.4wateryKarl Struiss (San Diego)
5953Heineken (USA)Premium LightHad this beer?USA52.48d3.3lightLA Roadhouse (66 Diner) (LAX airport bar)
6291CastlemaineXXXX Light BitterHad this beer?Australia50.46b2.5malty(room C4 in Serpent Hostel)
6429James Boag'sPremium LightHad this beer?Australia49.44b2.9light(my room in Museum Lodge)
6430Carlton & United BreweriesSterling LightHad this beer?Australia49.44b2.5fresh(my room in Museum Lodge)
6449Kombolcha Brewery (BGI Ethiopia)St. George BeerHad this beer?Ethiopia49.44b4.5clean(home)
6455Carlton & United BreweriesPure Blonde NakedHad this beer?Australia49.44b3.5freshBojangles
6457Independent Breweries (New Zealand)Haägen Premium LightHad this beer?New Zealand49.44b2.7malty(room C7 in Serpent Hostel)
6481Toohey'sBlue BitterHad this beer?Australia49.11b2.5semi-freshCourthouse Hotel
6703Foster'sLight IceHad this beer?Australia48.43b2.3semi-malty(room 205 in Alice in the Territory hotel)
6723Anheuser-BuschBusch LightHad this beer?USA48.43b4.2ordinaryLa Salsa Cantina
6733HahnPremium LightHad this beer?Australia48.43c2.65light(on the airplane from Singapore to Perth)
6765Anheuser-BuschBud LightHad this beer?USA48.02c4.12easy(on the plane from Atlanta to Manchester)
6852Karl Strauss (La Jolla)LightHad this beer?USA46.40d2.6refreshingKarl Strauss (La Jolla)
6879Carlton & United BreweriesEmpire LagerHad this beer?Australia46.40b4.6bitter(room C4 in Serpent Hostel)
6912Cooper'sPremium LightHad this beer?Australia46.40b2.9light(room 3 in Barramundi Lodge)
6913Carlton & United BreweriesLightHad this beer?Australia46.40c2.7refreshingThe Mandorah Beach Hotel
6990Oriental BreweryCafriHad this beer?South Korea45.39b4.2chilled(room 801 in Fu Hua Guang Dong hotel)
7154CascadePremium LightHad this beer?Australia42.35b2.8bitter-ish(my room in Museum Lodge)
7204Carlton & United BreweriesCarlton LightHad this beer?Australia39.31b2.7fizzy(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)

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