The 63 best Euro strong lagers in the world.

Here is the complete list of Euro strong lagers in the beer chart so far. There are a total of 63.
No. brewery beer
strength descriptive
location (last)
29Latgales AlusStipraisHad this beer?Latvia86.25b9.5caramel-ish(on the patio of Best Hotel, where they let us dri
56KormoranMasuren DunkelHad this beer?Poland84.23b6.5tasty!(home)
138Stella ArtoisArtois BockHad this beer?Belgium82.03b6.2wonderful(home)
209Birra Dreher (Heineken Italia)(McFarland) Golden FireHad this beer?Italy80.51d8warmingPapageno
284Van PurKarpackie Super MocneHad this beer?Poland79.50c9gorgeous(home)
403AlhambraMezquitaHad this beer?Spain78.15b7.2syrupy(home)
576John Martin (Scottish Courage)Gordon Halloween Strong Red BeerHad this beer?Belgium76.80b8.8strong(room 33 in Hotel Windsor)
607JihlavaJihlavsky Grand 18°Had this beer?Czech Republic76.46b8strength(on the train from Prague to Berlin)
611Górno?l?skie?l?skie MocneHad this beer?Poland76.46c7fruity(home)
634Carlsberg PolskaVolt Strong BeerHad this beer?Poland76.46c6.3warming(apartment 3 in Cracowrent)
707Browar ?om?a (Royal Unibrew Polska)MocneHad this beer?Poland75.45b7flavoury-malt(home)
817Les Brasseurs de GayantMadisonHad this beer?France74.61d7.2superb(room 311 in Ibis hotel by the station)
825Van PurBičre SpecialeHad this beer?Poland74.43b8.3special(room 417 in Mercure hotel)
873KopparbergElkbrew X-strongHad this beer?Sweden74.10b7.5musty(room 16 in Schweizerhof hotel)
996?ywiecStrongHad this beer?Poland73.42c7fruity(home)
997Latgales AlusMartina Gaišais AlusHad this beer?Latvia73.42b7rich-malt(on the patio of Best Hotel, where they let us dri
998Browar Koszalin (Royal Unibrew Polska)Brok StrongHad this beer?Poland73.42b7fruity(home)
999Van PurKarpackie MocneHad this beer?Poland73.42b6.8fruity-malt(home)
1177Royal Unibrew PolskaStrzelez MocneHad this beer?Poland72.75c7fruity-malt(home)
1193Livu AlusStipraisHad this beer?Latvia72.58b7veg(room 210 of Best Hotel)
1200PlatanSchwarzenbergské Pivo Knížecí 21°Had this beer?Czech Republic72.41b10.5powerfulPivni Galerie
1238CeresStrong Ale Export (Royal Selection)Had this beer?Denmark72.24b7.7warmingIl Birillo
1412BelhavenJohn Calder Devil's KissHad this beer?Scotland71.06d7demereraNilus
1439?ywiecWarka StrongHad this beer?Poland71.06b7gorgeous(home)
1522De Drie HoefijzersPirateHad this beer?Holland70.72c8.5musty-malt(room 906 in Island Pacific hotel)
1526Browar Jedrzejow (Royal Unibrew Polska)Gorskie MocneHad this beer?Poland70.72c6syrupy-orange(home)
1613Phoenix BeveragesBlue MarlinHad this beer?Mauritius70.38b6surprising(home)
1731Brovar BelgiaWojak Super MocneHad this beer?Poland69.71b9orange-hops(home)
1732Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia BerhadSpecial BrewHad this beer?Malaysia69.71c8.8caramel-malt(room 1013 in Quality Hotel)
1739BaltikaNo. 9 - Krepkoe (Strong Lager)Had this beer?Russia69.70b8maizy(home)
1892Inbev BelgiumJupiler TauroHad this beer?Belgium68.69b8.3refreshing(home)
1975BavariaRedHad this beer?Holland68.02b7.9luxurious(room 16 in Schweizerhof hotel)
2097CarlsbergElephant Premium Beer (7.2% export version)Had this beer?Denmark67.68b7.2grapefruityPaddywhacks
2112CeresOld 9Had this beer?Denmark67.68d9.1warmingVina & Spuntini
2161JihomoravskéJubilerHad this beer?Czech Republic67.34b7.5sweet(apartment in Prague - 379/1 Londynska)
2241DammVoll-DammHad this beer?Spain67.34b7.2rich(room 123 in The Globe hotel)
2243Browar ?om?a (Royal Unibrew Polska)Dock Strong BeerHad this beer?Poland67.34c6.8Englishy(home)
2482Budweiser BudvarBud Super StrongHad this beer?Czech Republic66.16b7.6gorgeous(home)
2570MartensDamburger Extra Strong LagerHad this beer?Belgium65.48c12.2rocket-fuel(room 1013 in Quality Hotel)
2574Kompanie PiwowarskaLech MocnyHad this beer?Poland65.43c6.2tasty(home)
2595DargunerBear Beer Extra StrongHad this beer?Germany65.32c12lethal(room 1013 in Quality Hotel)
2873Cains9X Extra Strong LagerHad this beer?England64.64c8.4strong(room 417 in Mercure hotel)
3011Kompanie PiwowarskaDebowe MocneHad this beer?Poland63.96b7warming-freshness(in a restaurant in the Jewish district)
3062Cesu Alus DaritavaBocmanisHad this beer?Latvia63.63b7warming(room 210 of Best Hotel)
3075Scottish CourageSlalom StrongHad this beer?Scotland63.63b9powerful(home)
3077RelakspolGrodzkie MocneHad this beer?Poland63.63b7.8alcohol(home)
3274Polczyn-Zdroj Brewer PolskaBrewer StrongHad this beer?Poland62.61c7dry(home)
3346Carlsberg PolskaPiast MocneHad this beer?Poland62.28b6.7grape-fruity(Berlin International Bierfestival 2009)
3356OkocimMocneHad this beer?Poland62.28b7.05fresh-alcoholPolish Pub
3884KronenbourgGold de Maître KanterHad this beer?France60.59c6.1interesting(room 311 in Ibis hotel by the station)
4065CarlsbergElephant BeerHad this beer?Denmark59.74b7.5triumphant(hotel room)
4121?ywiecTatra MocneHad this beer?Poland59.28b7tangy-warmthVis A Vis
4193CarlsbergSpecial BrewHad this beer?Denmark59.15b9soapy(home)
4286AlbaniGiraf StrongHad this beer?Denmark58.56b7.3riceFogg n' Suds (Broadway)
4707Browar Belgia (Palm Breweries)King CobraHad this beer?Poland57.55b8strength!(home - yard)
4788Wellpark (Interbrew UK)Tennent's SuperHad this beer?Scotland57.21b9warming(sitting outside by the pier not far from our hote
4790CainsFlint's Super Strength LagerHad this beer?England57.21.8.5flat(home)
5509ChernigovskoeMitzneHad this beer?Ukraine54.51b7.5alcohol(home)
6077KrinitsaPorterHad this beer?Belarus51.81b8hearty(home)
6271KormoranRegina Strong MocneHad this beer?Poland50.46b7.4rough(Berlin International Bierfestival 2009)
6857Samuel SmithAyingerbrau Prinz Strong LagerHad this beer?England46.40d5non-GermanConnah's Quay Labour Club
6924(unknown)Thorougoods Super Strong LagerHad this beer?England46.40c9empty(home)
7049Northampton (Carlsberg UK)Skol SuperHad this beer?England44.38c9.2lagery(home)

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