The 105 best Czech pilseners in the world.

Here is the complete list of Czech pilseners in the beer chart so far. There are a total of 105.
No. brewery beer
strength descriptive
location (last)
260Bohemia RegentSvetly LezakHad this beer?Czech Republic79.84b5fresh(home)
300Bohemia RegentPrezidentHad this beer?Czech Republic79.50b6fruity-malt(my friend Nikki's holiday home))
307ŽateckýLucan ExportHad this beer?Czech Republic79.50b5.4amazing(room 427 in K+K Fenix Hotel)
312NymburkGold Bohemia Beer (5% version)Had this beer?Czech Republic79.50b5semi-orangey(my room in Museum Lodge)
473NáchodPremium Lager 12°Had this beer?Czech Republic77.47b5malty(my room in Museum Lodge)
565LobkowiczBarrandov (Premium Czech Lager)Had this beer?Czech Republic76.80d5pleasant(The Ship and Mitre)
628Broumov-OlivetínOpat Svetlý Lezák 12°Had this beer?Czech Republic76.46b5incredible(apartment in Prague - 379/1 Londynska)
635StarobrnoBaron TrenckHad this beer?Czech Republic76.46b6sweet(room 427 in K+K Fenix Hotel)
719Bernard Family BreweryOxHad this beer?Czech Republic75.45b5.8tasty(room 427 in K+K Fenix Hotel)
809Snowy MountainsBullocks PilsnerHad this beer?Australia74.77b6maltyThe Australian Hotel
969ŽateckýBaronka Svetlý LežákHad this beer?England73.76b5.3syrupyThe Welkin (Wetherspoons)
1166(unknown)Co-op Czech LagerHad this beer?England72.75b5fruit-malt(my friend Nikki's holiday home))
1179LounySvetlý Ležák 12°Had this beer?Czech Republic72.75b5.3lemon-hops(room 28 in Rheingold Hotel)
1181SvijanySvijanský Rytí?Had this beer?Czech Republic72.75b5fresh(Berlin International Bierfestival 2009)
1304BootlegWils PilsHad this beer?Australia71.73b4.9refreshing(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)
1464Velké B?eznoB?ez?ák Svetly Lezák 12°Had this beer?Czech Republic70.72b5.1bitter-malt(my room in Museum Lodge)
1468Budweiser BudvarBudvar 12° (unfiltered)Had this beer?Czech Republic70.72d5candyU Medvidku
1476HeroldSvetlé 12° (Bohemian Golden Lager)Had this beer?Czech Republic70.72b5smooth(home - yard)
1479Böhmisch BrauhausEisbier PremiumHad this beer?Germany70.72b4.9clean-malt(Berlin International Bierfestival 2009)
1515MeantimePilsner (5.4% version)Had this beer?England70.72b5.4lemony(home)
1547TaddingtonMoravka KvasnicovéHad this beer?England70.72d5fresh-maltThe Grove Inn
1706Bud?jovický M?š?anský PivovarSamson Premium Svetlý LežákHad this beer?Czech Republic69.71b4.9fresh(home)
1737KlášterZlatá MarinaHad this beer?Czech Republic69.71b5easy(Berlin International Bierfestival 2009)
1789KlášterSvetly Lezák 12°Had this beer?Czech Republic69.37b5.1fruit-malt(apartment in Prague - 379/1 Londynska)
1800StaropramenVelvetHad this beer?Czech Republic69.36c5.3smooth(room 427 in K+K Fenix Hotel)
1876ŽateckýŽatecHad this beer?Czech Republic68.69b4.6ricy(room 123 in The Globe hotel)
2086Pivovarský DumSvetlýHad this beer?Czech Republic67.68d4.5maltyPivovarsky Dum
2107BralisIncukalana PilzenesHad this beer?Latvia67.68b4.7flavoury(room 210 of Best Hotel)
2121HeroldCzech Premium Lager (Traditional Premium Bohemian Lager)Had this beer?Czech Republic67.68b5maizey(home)
2374Wig & PenKiandra Gold PilsnerHad this beer?Australia66.67d5.05candyWig & Pen
2383Bud?jovický M?š?anský Pivovar1795 Original Czech LagerHad this beer?Czech Republic66.67b4.7fresh(home)
2396GulpenerChâteau NeubourgHad this beer?Holland66.67d5hoppyBodega de Pakschuid
2565(unknown)Waitrose Czech PilsnerHad this beer?Czech Republic65.65b5lemon-hops(home)
2755MestanskyRebelHad this beer?Czech Republic64.64b4.4malty(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)
2757Plzensky PrazdrojPrimusHad this beer?Czech Republic64.64b4.2malty(room 427 in K+K Fenix Hotel)
2758VyškovDesítka 10°Had this beer?Czech Republic64.64b4.2flavoury(room 18 in the Torenzicht pub hotel)
2764Eggenberg (Czech)KristianHad this beer?Czech Republic64.64b3.7biscuity(room 28 in Rheingold Hotel)
2778MeantimePilsner (4.7% version)Had this beer?England64.64b4.7lemony(home)
2850CintraPilsenHad this beer?Portugal64.64b4.8interesting(in the lounge in Broadway Hotel)
2859RadegastOriginálHad this beer?Czech Republic64.64c4fresh-malt(room 427 in K+K Fenix Hotel)
2967HeroldTraditional Premium Bohemian LagerHad this beer?Czech Republic64.30b5surprising(home)
3112KrálovskýAldi StaroslavHad this beer?Czech Republic63.62b5dry(sitting on the train station wall in Leamington s
3185?ywiecTatra PilsHad this beer?Poland63.12b6semi-musty(home)
3233RakovnikBakalá? Svetlý Lezák 12°Had this beer?Czech Republic62.78b5malty(home)
3239Karlova?kaPivo/BeerHad this beer?Croatia62.62b5.4crisp(home)
3284StaropramenOstrovarHad this beer?Czech Republic62.61b5surprising(home)
3530StarobrnoCzech Traditional LagerHad this beer?Czech Republic61.60b4.7fresh-flowers(home)
3692Atlanta Brewing CompanyLaughing Skull Bohemian PilsenerHad this beer?USA61.26d5bitterThe Vortex
3783Zlaty BazantZlaty Bazant 12%Had this beer?Czech Republic61.26b5average(room 427 in K+K Fenix Hotel)
3860KrálovskýKrušovice Svetlé 10°Had this beer?Czech Republic60.76b3.8fresh(on the train from Prague to Berlin)
3911TyskieKsi???ce Piwo JasneHad this beer?Poland60.59b5.7alcohol(apartment 3 in Cracowrent)
3930Budweiser BudvarBudvar 12°Had this beer?Czech Republic60.59b5musty(home - yard)
3932Budweiser BudvarBoheme 1795 PilsenHad this beer?Czech Republic60.59b4.7fresh-lemon(home)
4051Plzensky PrazdrojEisbrau CzechHad this beer?Czech Republic59.91b5fresh(my nan's house)
4107RadegastPremiumHad this beer?Czech Republic59.57c5fresh-malt(room 427 in K+K Fenix Hotel)
4271HostanPragaHad this beer?Czech Republic58.56b5pils(home)
4276Five IslandsPig Dog PilsenerHad this beer?Australia58.56d4.5explosiveFive Islands Brewery
4314MestanskyKrálovský Lev (Lev Lion Pale Double Bock)Had this beer?Czech Republic58.56b5.1not-BockThe Vortex
4364TreeHoneycomb PilsenerHad this beer?Canada58.56d4.8lemonyO'Doule's
4369MestanskyKrálovský Lev Votrok (Lev Lion Lager)Had this beer?Czech Republic58.56b4.7caramel-aftertasteThe Vortex
4382BintaraPilsnerHad this beer?Australia58.56b4.5stewed(home)
4398Budweiser BudvarBud?jovický Budvar Svetlé Výcepní Pivo 10°Had this beer?Czech Republic58.56d4smooth-maltU Medvidku
4461(unknown)Co-op Czech LagerHad this beer?Czech Republic58.56b5ordinary(home)
4476Sierra NevadaSummerfestHad this beer?USA58.22b5sour-fruits(home)
4539KrakonosSvetlý Ležák 12°Had this beer?Czech Republic58.22b5.1rare(apartment in Prague - 379/1 Londynska)
4696KrálovskýKrušovice ImperialHad this beer?Czech Republic57.55c5malty(room 427 in K+K Fenix Hotel)
4719Velké PopoviceKozel Premium Lager 12°Had this beer?Czech Republic57.55b4.966mustyThe Richard John Blackler (Wetherspoons)
4724Matilda BayBohemian Pilzner/PilsnerHad this beer?Australia57.43b4.7orange-maltZeebar
4844Plzensky PrazdrojGambrinus Premium Svetlý Ležák 12°Had this beer?Czech Republic56.70c5hoppy(on the train from Prague to Berlin)
4941LobkowiczOriginal Böhmisches BierHad this beer?Czech Republic56.20b4.8hoppy(apartment - Ingrid Goth - Anton Saefkov Platz)
4987StaropramenVratislavHad this beer?Czech Republic55.86b5semi-fruity(home)
5086ZubrGoldHad this beer?Czech Republic55.52c4.6oranges(on the train from Prague to Berlin)
5309JihlavaJezek OriginalnyHad this beer?Czech Republic55.18b6hoppy(apartment in Prague - 379/1 Londynska)
5333Bernard Family BrewerySváte?ní LežákHad this beer?Czech Republic55.18b5semi-oranges(apartment in Prague - 379/1 Londynska)
5490Poli?kaOtakar Svetly Lezák 11°Had this beer?Czech Republic54.51b4.2fresh(apartment in Prague - 379/1 Londynska)
5518Van SteenbergeSteenberge PilsenerHad this beer?Belgium54.51d5fresh-citrusAmstel Botel bar
5651HolbaClassicHad this beer?Czech Republic53.50c3.5light(room 427 in K+K Fenix Hotel)
5664DommelschPilsenerHad this beer?Holland53.49d5freshLa Lanterna
5666StaropramenLežák (Premium Lager) 12°Had this beer?Czech Republic53.38b5better(apartment in Prague - 379/1 Londynska)
5802TreeFire Weed Honey PilsnerHad this beer?Canada52.48b4.5dry(hotel room)
5831ZlatopramenPremium 11°Had this beer?Czech Republic52.48b4.7adequateDoctor Duncan's
5857BluetongueTraditional PilsenerHad this beer?Australia52.48b4.5aromatic(room 205 in Alice in the Territory hotel)
5895Bohemia RegentMarks & Spencer Czech LagerHad this beer?Czech Republic52.48b5fresh-must(home)
5911SlaghmuylderSlag Lager BierHad this beer?Belgium52.48b5pilsner(room 18 in the Torenzicht pub hotel)
5915Branik12° SvetléHad this beer?Czech Republic52.48d5chilledBranicka Formanka
5917Tempo BeerMaccabeeHad this beer?Israel52.48b4.9clean(room 311 in Ibis hotel by the station)
5948ZubrClassicHad this beer?Czech Republic52.48c3.5average(room 427 in K+K Fenix Hotel)
6156Velké B?eznoB?ez?ák DiätHad this beer?Czech Republic51.47b3.9light-barley(apartment - Ingrid Goth - Anton Saefkov Platz)
6408(unknown)Beli Saazer PilsHad this beer?Czech Republic49.44d4.8fresh(Berlin International Bierfestival 2006)
6431Potters Hotel & BrewerySt. Arnou PilsnerHad this beer?Australia49.44b4.5lemon-hopsPaddywhacks
6451Velké PopoviceKozel Svétlý (Pale) 10°Had this beer?Czech Republic49.44b4semi-tangy(apartment in Prague - 379/1 Londynska)
6467StaropramenSv?tlý (Pale) 10°Had this beer?Czech Republic49.28d4lagery(didn't write down)
6469StrakoniceDudak Nektar Sv?tlý Ležák 11°Had this beer?Czech Republic49.27b4.5citrus-fresh(apartment in Prague - 379/1 Londynska)
6510KrálovskýKrušovice MusketyrHad this beer?Czech Republic49.11b4.5malty(apartment in Prague - 379/1 Londynska)
6714The Macquarie Hotel (Schwartz Brewery)PilsnerHad this beer?Australia48.43b4.9tangy-hops(home)
6789NymburkGold Bohemia Beer (4.7% version)Had this beer?Czech Republic47.42b4.7fresh-maize(apartment - Ingrid Goth - Anton Saefkov Platz)
6833Plzensky PrazdrojPilsner UrquellHad this beer?Czech Republic47.08d4.433lagery(didn't write down - a pub across the river near H
6877Little CreaturesOriginal PilsnerHad this beer?Australia46.40b4.6crisp(room 225 in Good Earth Hotel)
6878Little CreaturesPilsnerHad this beer?Australia46.40b4.6interesting(my room in Museum Lodge)
6892Branik10° SvetléHad this beer?Czech Republic46.40d4.2freshBranicka Formanka
6894StaropramenBraník 10° SvetléHad this beer?Czech Republic46.40b4.1pils(apartment in Prague - 379/1 Londynska)
6895Plzensky PrazdrojGambrinus Desítka Svetlé 10°Had this beer?Czech Republic46.40d4.1pilsVycep
6921CopimexCarapilsHad this beer?Belgium46.40c4.9average(hotel room)
7136Dortmunder Actien BrauereiTesco German Pilsener BeerHad this beer?Germany43.02b4.9average(home)
7191LeroySas PilsHad this beer?Belgium40.32d4.7bog-standardDe Telegraaf

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