The 68 best Belgian dark ales in the world.

Here is the complete list of Belgian dark ales in the beer chart so far. There are a total of 68.
No. brewery beer
strength descriptive
location (last)
13BavikPetrus Speciale (5.1% version)Had this beer?Belgium87.61b5.1honey(home)
23StrubbeDikke MathileHad this beer?Belgium86.59b6spicy(home)
46RomanSpecial RomanHad this beer?Belgium84.57b5.5toffee(home)
55LeroyChristmasHad this beer?Belgium84.23b6.8liquorice(hotel room)
106New Belgium1554 Enlightened Black AleHad this beer?USA83.22b5.6outstanding(room 255 in Carlsbad Inn hotel)
128Saint OmerBière d'Abbaye de BelgiqueHad this beer?France82.54b6bombshell!(home)
202du BocqGodefroy RousseHad this beer?Belgium80.51b6banana(home)
250De KoninckWinter KoninckHad this beer?Belgium79.84d6.5oooooh!The Ship and Mitre
295CrombéOud Zottegems BierHad this beer?Belgium79.50b6.5treacleIn de Wildeman
305BavikPetrus Speciale (5.5% version)Had this beer?Belgium79.50b5.5toffee(home)
337BrueryBlack OrchardHad this beer?USA79.16d5.7anaseedLucky Devils
409De KoninckBière de NoelHad this beer?Belgium78.15d6.5cherryDoctor Duncan's
422HuygheFloris Chocolat GardenbeerHad this beer?Belgium78.12b4.31pure-chocolateThe Ship and Mitre
441Van EeckeHet Kapittel Watou PaterHad this beer?Belgium77.64b6fruit-chocolate(home)
463WarenghemBier Breizh AmbréeHad this beer?France77.47b6semi-whisky(room 311 in Ibis hotel by the station)
508Abbaye de LeffeLeffe de NoëlHad this beer?Belgium77.14b6.6roast-malt(home)
528BavikEzel BruinHad this beer?Belgium77.14b6.5toffee(home)
638Groningse StadsbrouwerijZeebaken Amber AleHad this beer?Holland76.46b5.2weird(home)
721Maaslandd'n Schele Os AmberHad this beer?Holland75.45b5.5thick-fruit(home)
769(unknown)(Sainsburys) Abbaye Bière de BelgiqueHad this beer?Belgium75.11b5.6caramel-malt(home)
865De LeyerthUrthel Donker Novicus VertusHad this beer?Belgium74.10b5.9amazingColumbus Bar (on the ferry Duke of Edinburgh)
879LiefmansAbdis BruinHad this beer?Belgium74.10b6.5robust(room 314 in Best Western Amrath hotel)
882FeralRustHad this beer?Australia74.10d6stewedClancy's
903RivaDentergems VondelHad this beer?Belgium74.10b5exquisiteThe Dispensary (Renshaw Street)
926KerkomBink BruinHad this beer?Belgium74.10b5.5rich-chocolate(room 314 in Best Western Amrath hotel)
1106De Halve Maan (Hulst)Dobbele JavaHad this beer?Holland73.08b6.5sweet(room 18 in the Torenzicht pub hotel)
1113ThiriezLa MalineHad this beer?France73.08b5.8woody(room 436 of Amstel Botel)
1136KoningshoevenTilburg's Dutch Brown AleHad this beer?Holland73.08d5chocolateHoopman (Hole in the Wall / Reynders / Hoopman)
1219De SchansRooie VosHad this beer?Holland72.41b3.5aromatic(room 18 in the Torenzicht pub hotel)
1251Het AnkerMechelschen BruynenHad this beer?Belgium72.07b6darkKulminator
1279De KoninckBollekeHad this beer?Belgium72.07d5qualityDe Beiaard
1378Abbaye de LeffeLeffe BruneHad this beer?Belgium71.31b6.5richLe Continentel
1390Van Den BosscheBuffalo (6.5% version)Had this beer?Belgium71.06b6.5richKulminator
1391Hoeksche WaardHoeksch EikenbierHad this beer?Holland71.06b6.5wheaty(room 18 in the Torenzicht pub hotel)
1426LindeboomGouverneur BruneHad this beer?Holland71.06b6.5dryIn de Wildeman
1437WielemansScotch CTSHad this beer?Belgium71.06b7.199deliciousLe Café de Paris
1614HuygheArteveldeHad this beer?Belgium70.38b5.7maize(home)
1684LefèbvreRy TernelHad this beer?Belgium70.04b6.2bubble-gum(home)
1842De MolenOud Hollands TuigHad this beer?Holland68.86b5.2fruity(room 436 of Amstel Botel)
1966St. BernardusGrottenbierHad this beer?Belgium68.35b6.5semi-fruityColumbus Bar (on the ferry Duke of Edinburgh)
1980Hoeksche WaardBokbierHad this beer?Holland68.02b6.6sweet(The Ship and Mitre)
2027Van Den BosscheBuffalo (5.7% version)Had this beer?Belgium68.02b5.7fizzyCafé Belgie
2170Arcense StoombierbouwerijHertog Jan GvdB/012Had this beer?Holland67.34b5.7malty(room 18 in the Torenzicht pub hotel)
2244MeteorWendelinusHad this beer?France67.34b6.8semi-fruity(home)
2311BavikPetrus WinterbierHad this beer?Belgium67.00b6.5strawberry(room 123 in The Globe hotel)
2346MichardBruneHad this beer?France67.00b6.5chocolate(room 417 in Mercure hotel)
2501du BocqSt. Benoît Brune (6.3% version)Had this beer?Belgium65.99b6.3rich(home - yard)
2567HaachtTongerlo 6 Dubbel BruinHad this beer?Belgium65.49d6fillingBen's Bar
2646HaachtDelhaize Brabant AmbréeHad this beer?Belgium65.31b5average(room 211 in Ibis hotel)
2893De RidderVos Bovengistend BierHad this beer?Holland64.30d7tastyNetwork (aeroport bar)
3022Klein DuimpjeZevenmijlslaarzenHad this beer?Holland63.96b7sourt'Arends Nest
3024UnibroueChambly NoireHad this beer?Canada63.96b6.2dark-fruit(room 215 in Pensione Hotel)
3048Duvel MoortgatMaredsous 6 (Donker)Had this beer?Belgium63.63b6flavouryMoeder Lambik
3127De Regenboogt Smisje Honingbier BruinHad this beer?Belgium63.29b6honey(home)
3128Brasserie de BretagneBritt RousseHad this beer?France63.29d5.4smoky(room 311 in Ibis hotel by the station)
3206CastelainCh'ti BruneHad this beer?France62.95d6.5flat(room 311 in Ibis hotel by the station)
3232BoelensWaase WolfHad this beer?Belgium62.78b6.5fruityGroot Mokum
3368BrewerkzMoh GwaiHad this beer?Singapore62.10b7rich-malt(home)
3407Saint OmerBière de NoelHad this beer?France61.94b5.9unexpected(home)
3582Alken-MaesGrimbergen RoussaHad this beer?Belgium61.26b6.2strong(room 33 in Hotel Windsor)
3656HaachtAbbaye du ParkHad this beer?Belgium61.26b5.6spicy(home - yard)
3812du BocqSt. Benoît Brune (6% version)Had this beer?Belgium60.93d6richHamiot
4810d'AchouffeChouffe BokHad this beer?Belgium56.88b6.666chocolate(home)
5202HampshireMannekenHad this beer?England55.18d4.6tangyDoctor Duncan's
5544Micro Brasserie Omnia BarTaverne de l'Écu L'Esquermoise AmbréeHad this beer?France54.34d7.1averageLa Taverne de L'Ecu
6175Groningse StadsbrouwerijHunebed AmberHad this beer?Holland51.13b5.5gassy(our room in the Torenzicht pub hotel)
6240RivaPorterHad this beer?Belgium50.79d7.5richIn de Wildeman
7009De KemphaanDonkerHad this beer?Holland45.05b6genuine-donker(our room in the Torenzicht pub hotel)

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