The 85 best American pale ales in the world.

Here is the complete list of American pale ales in the beer chart so far. There are a total of 85.
No. brewery beer
strength descriptive
location (last)
311Yo-HoYona Yona Real AleHad this beer?Japan79.50d5fascinatingThe Welkin (Wetherspoons)
374ShongweniRobson's Durban Pale AleHad this beer?South Africa78.49b5.7orange-malt(home)
448TreePale AleHad this beer?Canada77.47b5semi-fruity(hotel room)
615OdellSt. LupulinHad this beer?USA76.46b6.5orange-blossom(home)
761Flying DogDoggie Style Classic Pale Ale (weaker version)Had this beer?USA75.11b4.7fruit-malt(home)
858BJ's (California)Piranha Pale AleHad this beer?USA74.43d5.7floral-hopsBJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse
1037Max Lager's American Grill & BreweryMax PaleHad this beer?USA73.42d5grape-fruitsMax Lager
1071FishFish Tale Organic Wild Salmon Pale AleHad this beer?USA73.42b5.5orange-blossom(on the train from San Diego to Burbank)
1190Rock BottomHoney BlondeHad this beer?USA72.58d4.6lemon-honeyRock Bottom
1276PikePale AleHad this beer?USA72.07b5.3hoppy(on a ferry from Victoria to Vancouver)
1462Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams)Pale AleHad this beer?USA70.72d5.25smoothSam Adam's Brewhouse (airport bar)
1475AleSmithXHad this beer?USA70.72d5flavouryYardhouse
1561ArchipelagoStraits PaleHad this beer?Singapore70.38b5tasty(home)
1616CalderaPale AleHad this beer?USA70.38c5.5blackcurranty(home)
1620ThornbridgeKiplingHad this beer?England70.38b5.2fresh-maize(home)
1798WhistlerMother's Pale AleHad this beer?Canada69.36(5enchantingRedd's (hotel bar)
1847Granville IslandEnglish Bay Pale AleHad this beer?Canada68.84(5neutralShenanigans
1874Sail & AnchorApeHad this beer?Australia68.69d4.7apricotSail & Anchor
1968Matilda BayAlpha Pale AleHad this beer?Australia68.25b5.2rich-malt(room 3 in Barramundi Lodge)
2042StonePale AleHad this beer?USA68.02d5.4tastyHarbour House (in Seaport Village)
2052Rock BottomPoint Break Pale AleHad this beer?USA67.85d5.2bitteryRock Bottom
2054Sierra NevadaPale AleHad this beer?USA67.75b5.6malty(home)
2157TreeBeach-Head No. 1 AleHad this beer?Canada67.34b5woody(hotel room)
2313CoronadoStringers Pale AleHad this beer?USA67.00b5.6flavouryIsland Sports and Spirits
2367McAuslanSt. Ambroise Pale AleHad this beer?Canada66.83b5toffeePaddywhacks
2476TemplePale AleHad this beer?Australia66.33b5grapey(home)
2599Stone7th Anniversary AleHad this beer?USA65.32b7.7punchKarl Strauss (airport bar)
2605NelsonOld Brewery Pale AleHad this beer?Canada65.32b5.5bitteryThe Keg
2631AnchorSmall BeerHad this beer?USA65.32b3.2similar(home - yard)
2743Portland / PyramidMacTarnahans Original Honey BeerHad this beer?USA64.64b4.8honey(room 307 of Days Inn hotel)
2781Matso'sPindan AleHad this beer?Australia64.64d3.6pineyMatso's Broome Brewery
2805Atlanta Brewing CompanyPeachtree Pale AleHad this beer?USA64.64d5.5bitteryThe Vortex
2827YukonGoldHad this beer?Canada64.64b5dryBourbon Street Pub
2908Matso'sPearler's Pale AleHad this beer?Australia64.30d4.5orange-blossomMatso's Broome Brewery
2924New BelgiumMighty Arrow Pale AleHad this beer?USA64.30d6nuttyYardhouse
2926Monte Carlo Casino Pub & BreweryJackpot AleHad this beer?USA64.30b5.6caramel(room 1318 of Hawthorne Suites hotel)
2935MeantimeLondon Pale AleHad this beer?England64.30b4.3fruity(home)
2954Summer WineApacheHad this beer?England64.30b5.4flowery(home)
2969Hargreaves HillPaleHad this beer?Australia64.30b4.9sour-ish(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)
3152Anderson ValleyPoleeko Gold Pale AleHad this beer?USA63.29b5.5tangyHong Kong Brew House
3157Vancouver IslandPiper's Pale AleHad this beer?Canada63.29b5nuttyJive Billiards and Cafe
3281Pizza PortCalifornia HoneyHad this beer?USA62.61d5.2maltyPizza Port
3318Bridge Road BrewersBeechworth Pale AleHad this beer?Australia62.28b4.8sweet(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)
3330Oskar BluesDale's Pale AleHad this beer?USA62.28c6.5lemon-rindy(home)
3367Flying DogDoggie Style Classic Pale Ale (stronger version)Had this beer?USA62.11b5.41lemony(home)
3431KooindaPale AleHad this beer?Australia61.94b4.7toffee-malt(home)
3572BearAlbino RhinoHad this beer?Canada61.36b4.5bittery(hotel room)
3581Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams)Boston AleHad this beer?USA61.26d4.94coldPiccadilly
3584(unknown)Nagi's Pale AleHad this beer?USA61.26d5.1livelyNagi's Bar and Grill
3585ShafteburyHoney Pale AleHad this beer?Canada61.26(5difficultFogg n' Suds (Robson)
3654AnchorLiberty AleHad this beer?USA61.26b5.9bubblegumThe Ship and Mitre
3655KonaFire Rock Pale AleHad this beer?USA61.26d5.8ordinaryYardhouse
3658CoronadoFour Brothers Pale AleHad this beer?USA61.26d5.5tastyCoronado Brewing Company
3659North CoastRed SealHad this beer?USA61.26b5.5malty(room 307 of Days Inn hotel)
3664James Squire Brewhouse (Sydney)SpeculatorHad this beer?Australia61.26d5.5floralJames Squire Brewhouse
3668Sweetwater420 Extra Pale AleHad this beer?USA61.26d5.4maizyIrish Bred
3670TerrapinRye Pale AleHad this beer?USA61.26d5.3interestingThe Vortex
3685Big RockChinook Pale AleHad this beer?Canada61.26b5semi-fruity(on a ferry from Victoria to Vancouver)
3694Green FlashExtra Pale AleHad this beer?USA61.26b4.9tastyIsland Sports and Spirits
3701Wood'sGet GrottedHad this beer?England61.26b4.7malty(home)
3703BaronsPale AleHad this beer?Australia61.26b4.6toffee-malt(home)
3781Rooster'sOutlaw BoneshakerHad this beer?England61.26d5thick-fruitThe Ship and Mitre
3791Matilda BayFat Yak Pale AleHad this beer?Australia61.01d4.7bitter-hopsPJ O'Brian's
3997Blue SkyCairns GoldHad this beer?Australia60.14b3.3maizy(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)
4113Big RockTraditional AleHad this beer?Canada59.51(5appetizingFogg n' Suds (Robson)
4137NelsonWild Honey AleHad this beer?Canada59.24b4.5honey(hotel room)
4257Okanagan SpringExtra Special Pale AleHad this beer?Canada58.87b5tangyBridges
4265Malt ShovelJames Squire Golden AleHad this beer?Australia58.73c4.5summery(on the airplane from Sydney to Hong Kong)
4339CoronadoLa Jolla GoldHad this beer?USA58.56d5goldenThe Spot
4602R & BRed Devil Pale AleHad this beer?Canada57.89d5.2melonsMorrisssey's
4662Stichting Noordhollandse Alternatieve Bierbrouwers (SNAB)Pale AleHad this beer?Holland57.55b6.3malty(room 18 in the Torenzicht pub hotel)
4754DogwoodPale AleHad this beer?USA57.21d5awkwardHoulihan's
5201OssettSilver LinkHad this beer?England55.18d4.6hoppyThe Fly in the Loaf
5269AnchorHumming AleHad this beer?USA55.18b5.9hops(room 202 in Dam Oranje Tulp hotel)
5472Bayhawk AlesPale AleHad this beer?USA54.51d5.4coldBuster's
6133Brewster'sDecadenceHad this beer?England51.47d4.4harshThe Willow Bank
6321Moorilla EstateMoo Brew Pale AleHad this beer?Australia50.12d4.9floralBeer DeLuxe
6407George WrightPipe DreamHad this beer?England49.44d4.3tangyThe Willow Bank
6422Blue SkyReef BlondeHad this beer?Australia49.44b4.7lemonyBlue Sky Brewery
6555LeadmillWild RoverHad this beer?England49.11d4.2semi-fruitySmithfield
6645DeschutesMirror Pond Pale AleHad this beer?USA49.11b5English(room 358 in Carlsbad Inn hotel)
6688SaltaireCascade Pale AleHad this beer?England48.77b4.8lemon-citrusThe Willow Bank
6718FoxGrizzly BeerHad this beer?England48.43b4.8dry(home)
6938Grumpy'sPale AleHad this beer?Australia46.07d4.5hoppyGrumpy's Brewhaus
7151ColumbiaKokanee LightHad this beer?Canada42.35(4ordinaryWharf Side

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