The 61 best American amber/red ales in the world.

Here is the complete list of American amber/red ales in the beer chart so far. There are a total of 61.
No. brewery beer
strength descriptive
location (last)
58du BocqLa Gauloise Ambrée (new 5.5% version)Had this beer?Belgium84.23b5.5milk-chocolate(home)
235Green FlashRuby Red AleHad this beer?USA80.18b5.3richIsland Sports and Spirits
335Turk's HeadAmberHad this beer?Turks & Caicos Islands79.16b6syrupy(home)
630St. FeuillienGrisette Ambrée (5% version)Had this beer?Belgium76.46b5fruity(room 123 in The Globe hotel)
698Rock BottomRegatta Red AleHad this beer?USA75.62d5toffeeRock Bottom
757Menabrea150° Anniversario AmbrataHad this beer?Italy75.11b5malty(home)
910Snowy MountainsRazorback Red AleHad this beer?Australia74.10b4.8toffee(home)
931GABKama SutraHad this beer?Poland74.10b5caramel(apartment 3 in Cracowrent)
978YukonArctic RedHad this beer?Canada73.70b5.5tangy(hotel room)
1013Karl Strauss (San Diego)Red Trolley AleHad this beer?USA73.42b5.6beautiful(room 307 of Days Inn hotel)
1018CalderaAshland AmberHad this beer?USA73.42c5.4incredible(home)
1023Ellis IslandAmberHad this beer?USA73.42d5.2spreadingEllis Island Casino and Brewery
1070Heineken SwitzerlandIttinger KlosterbräuHad this beer?Switzerland73.42b5.6fruity-malt(home)
1143Les Brasseurs de GayantAbbaye de Saint Landelin AmbréeHad this beer?France72.86b6.5sweet(home - yard)
1256TreeThirsty Beaver Amber AleHad this beer?Canada72.07b5woody(hotel room)
1393Wye ValleyDorothy Goodbody's Country AleHad this beer?England71.06b6syrupy(home)
1405CascadeAmber AleHad this beer?Australia71.06b4.8toffee-ish(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)
1603Karl Strauss (San Diego)Amber LagerHad this beer?USA70.38d4.2lemon-floralHarbour House (in Seaport Village)
1629Pizza PortCarlsbad ChronicHad this beer?USA70.38d5.2balancedPizza Port
1681Speakeasy Ales & LagersProhibition AleHad this beer?USA70.04b6.1syrupy(home)
1830Sacramento Brewing CompanyRed Horse AleHad this beer?USA69.03b6.2toffee-malt(sitting by Pat and Phil's pool)
1984CoronadoMermaid Red AleHad this beer?USA68.02d5.7darkYardhouse
1986Ballast PointCallico Amber AleHad this beer?USA68.02d5.3beckoningStar of the Sea
2024Full SailAmberHad this beer?USA68.02b6bitter-edge(room 251 in the Tropicana Inn)
2098Mad RiverJamaica Brand Red AleHad this beer?USA67.68d6bitteryYardhouse
2174Lost CoastAlleycat Amber AleHad this beer?USA67.34d5.5bitter-ishYardhouse
2228KrossGolden AleHad this beer?Chile67.34b5orange-spicy(room 215 in Pensione Hotel)
2291HawthornAmber AleHad this beer?Australia67.17b4.7toffee(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)
2318Rogue AlesDark Red AleHad this beer?USA67.00b5.1finale(our room in the Holiday Inn hotel)
2319Monte Carlo Casino Pub & BreweryHigh Roller Red Amber AleHad this beer?USA67.00b5exquisite(room 251 in the Tropicana Inn)
2639du BocqLa Gauloise Ambrée (old 6.5% version)Had this beer?Belgium65.32b6.5dryKulminator
2656Firestone WalkerYardhouse House Amber AleHad this beer?USA64.98d5.2caramelYardhouse
2693Rogue AlesAmerican Amber AleHad this beer?USA64.98b5.3American(home - yard)
2721Firestone WalkerDBA (Double Barrel Ale)Had this beer?USA64.81d5blandBubba Gump (Santa Monica)
3006Anderson ValleyBoont Amber AleHad this beer?USA63.97b5.8plumsEast End Brewery
3012BrewboysMaiden AleHad this beer?Australia63.96d4.9roast-maltThe Local Taphouse
3038Granville IslandGastown Amber AleHad this beer?Canada63.96b5.5rich(hotel room)
3043HumboldtRed Nectar AleHad this beer?USA63.80d5.5bitterYardhouse
3044New BelgiumFat Tire Amber AleHad this beer?USA63.80d5.2toffee-maltYe Old King's Head
3095Fish RockRed Emperor Amber AleHad this beer?Australia63.63b4.5juicy(room 66 in Museum Lodge)
3129Widmer BrothersDrop Top Amber AleHad this beer?USA63.29b4.85flavoury(room 307 of Days Inn hotel)
3163De MolenAmerikaans Gedrooghopt met AmarilloHad this beer?Holland63.29b4.5orangey(home - yard)
3362MolsonRickard's RedHad this beer?Canada62.24(5sweet(hotel room)
3419CoronadoTent City TanHad this beer?USA61.94d5.2aftertasteCoronado Brewing Company
3576ShafteburyRainforest Amber AleHad this beer?Canada61.29b5natural(hotel room)
3583(unknown)Parrot Amber AleHad this beer?Canada61.26d5.2riceTwo Parrots
3646BrunehautAmbréeHad this beer?Belgium61.26b6.5flavoury(room 33 in Hotel Windsor)
3648MendocinoRed Tail AleHad this beer?USA61.26b6.1tangyHong Kong Brew House
3805Pizza PortShark AttackHad this beer?USA60.93d9thick-molassesPizza Port
3840Green FlashHop Head Red AleHad this beer?USA60.93b6.4ruby-red(on the train from San Diego to Burbank)
3842Pizza PortSharkbite RedHad this beer?USA60.93d5.5ruby-maltPizza Port
4042Drake's Brewing CompanyExpedition AleHad this beer?USA59.91b6.5rich-syrup(room 358 in Carlsbad Inn hotel)
4595SleemanOriginal DarkHad this beer?Canada57.89b5.5tasty(hotel room)
4630St. FeuillienGrisette Ambrée (4.5% version)Had this beer?Belgium57.89b4.5dry(home - yard)
4921PurrumbeteRed Duck Amber AleHad this beer?Australia56.20b4.9explosive(room 401 in City Walk Hotel)
5003StoneLevitationHad this beer?USA55.86b4.4malty(room 307 of Days Inn hotel)
5039Baird BeerRed Rose Amber AleHad this beer?Japan55.86b5.5flowery-bitternessBeer DeLuxe
5210Bayhawk AlesAmber AleHad this beer?USA55.18d4.5smoothBuster's
5234Karl Strauss (La Jolla)Amber LagerHad this beer?USA55.18d4.2semi-fruityTGI Friday's
6063CoorsBlue Moon Rising Moon Spring AleHad this beer?USA52.14d5.4wholesomeYardhouse
6200Carlton & United BreweriesVictoria Bitter Original AleHad this beer?Australia51.13b4.6malty(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)

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