The 54 best American IPAs in the world.

Here is the complete list of American IPAs in the beer chart so far. There are a total of 54.
No. brewery beer
strength descriptive
location (last)
168FeralHop HogHad this beer?Australia81.19d6pineyClancy's
178FishFish Tale India Pale AleHad this beer?USA80.85b6.5malty(home)
453Great DivideTitan IPA (7.1% version)Had this beer?USA77.47b7.1malty(room 202 in Dam Oranje Tulp hotel)
456Great DivideTitan IPA (6.8% version)Had this beer?USA77.47b6.8candy-citrus(home)
468Matt Brewing CompanySaranac India Pale AleHad this beer?USA77.47b5.8toffee-maltBeer Temple
480Sierra NevadaAnniversary Ale (2007)Had this beer?USA77.47b5.9fruity-malt(home)
481HarpoonIPAHad this beer?USA77.47b5.9candy-malt(home)
545MendocinoWhite Hawk IPAHad this beer?USA76.80b7maltyHong Kong Brew House
712Steamworks Brewing CompanyThird Eye Pale AleHad this beer?USA75.45c6.5semi-rich(home)
717Dogfish Head60 Minute IPAHad this beer?USA75.45b6toffee-malt(home)
982Sierra NevadaCelebration AleHad this beer?USA73.59b6.8wholesome(home)
994LagunitasMothersHad this beer?USA73.42b8.2difficult(room 255 in Carlsbad Inn hotel)
1222Butte CreekOrganic India Pale AleHad this beer?USA72.41b6.7candy-malt(home)
1362OdellIPA India Pale AleHad this beer?USA71.39b7spicy(home)
1572Karl Strauss (San Diego)Tower 10 IPAHad this beer?USA70.38d6.5peachyKarl Struiss (San Diego)
1611Maui Brewing CompanyBig Swell IPAHad this beer?USA70.38c6.2flavoury(home)
1612MendocinoBlue Heron Pale AleHad this beer?USA70.38b6.1candy-maltEast End Brewery
1742Flying DogSnake Dog India Pale Ale (5.6% version)Had this beer?USA69.70b5.6malty(home)
1944JamiesonBeast IPAHad this beer?Australia68.36b7bitter-hops(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)
1956Rock BottomIndia Pale AleHad this beer?USA68.36d6charcoalRock Bottom
2156TreeHophead India Pale AleHad this beer?Canada67.34b5.8sour(hotel room)
2172LagunitasIndia Pale AleHad this beer?USA67.34b5.7strong-tasting(room 307 of Days Inn hotel)
2245PyramidThunderhead IPAHad this beer?USA67.34b6.7citrus-maltHong Kong Brew House
2247Speakeasy Ales & LagersBig Daddy IPAHad this beer?USA67.34b6.5citrus-hops(home)
2252StoneIPAHad this beer?USA67.34b5.9strong-tasting(room 307 of Days Inn hotel)
2272Rock BottomFire & Ice IPAHad this beer?USA67.34d5souryRock Bottom (San Diego)
2522BrewDogPunk IPAHad this beer?Scotland65.82b6lemony(home)
2628Heather Ale Ltd - The Brewery CraigmillCraigmill Swallow I.P.A.Had this beer?Scotland65.32b4clear(home)
2633Sierra NevadaTorpedo Extra IPAHad this beer?USA65.32b7.2bitter-hops(home)
2664The Pump RoomIndia Pale AleHad this beer?Singapore64.98d6.2syrupyThe Pump Room
3115Marston'sOld EmpireHad this beer?England63.49d5.7unusualThe Willow Bank
3177MikkellerStateside IPAHad this beer?Denmark63.29b7malty(home)
3179DurhamSaint Cuthbert / MagnificatHad this beer?England63.29d6.5semi-fruityThe Ship and Mitre
3401Ballast PointBig Eye India Pale AleHad this beer?USA61.94b7floral-bitterness(on the train from San Diego to Burbank)
3416HumboldtNectar Ales IPAHad this beer?USA61.94b5.28ale(room 307 of Days Inn hotel)
3464Bear RepublicHop Rod Rye Seasonal AleHad this beer?USA61.94b8bitter(room 307 of Days Inn hotel)
3640Pizza PortTrigger HoppyHad this beer?USA61.26d7.4bitterPizza Port
3652Red HookIPAHad this beer?USA61.26b6ale(room 307 of Days Inn hotel)
3709HopdaemonSkrimshander IPAHad this beer?England61.26b4.5fruity(home)
3767Flying DogSnake Dog India Pale Ale (6.4% version)Had this beer?USA61.26b6.4flavoury(home)
3940VictoryHop Devil AleHad this beer?USA60.59b6.7sultanas(home - yard)
4173Goose IslandIndia Pale AleHad this beer?USA59.24b5.9different(home)
4489Malt ShovelJames Squire India Pale AleHad this beer?Australia58.22d5.6bitterJames Squire Brewhouse
4784CalderaIPAHad this beer?USA57.21c6.1intense(home)
4789Green FlashWest Coast India Pale AleHad this beer?USA57.21b7.3hoppy(on the train from San Diego to Burbank)
5191Karl Strauss (La Jolla)Star of India Pale AleHad this beer?USA55.18d4.9refreshingKarl Strauss (La Jolla)
5305Bear RepublicRacer 5 India Pale AleHad this beer?USA55.18b7bitter(room 307 of Days Inn hotel)
5335BootlegSettler's PrideHad this beer?Australia55.18b4.8bitter(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)
5443Anderson ValleyHop Ottin' IPAHad this beer?USA54.84b7bitterEast End Brewery
5554PhoenixWest Coast IPAHad this beer?England54.17d4.566applesThe Richard John Blackler (Wetherspoons)
6477Karl Strauss (San Diego)Star of India Pale AleHad this beer?USA49.11d4.9coldKarl Strauss (airport bar)
6693Spinnaker'sIndia Pale AleHad this beer?Canada48.43d7.1fillingSpinnakers
6840Five IslandsParkyns Shark Oil Pale AleHad this beer?Australia46.74d4.7bitterFive Islands Brewery
7156Port BrewingWipeout IPAHad this beer?USA42.35b7sharp(on the hotel upstairs patio)

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