Italian Beer Chart

No. Chart
brewery beer
% ABV descriptive
or place
beer style origin
1179Birra MorettiSans Soucireview beer80.85b5.6malty(home)Euro pale lagerUdine
2209Birra Dreher (Heineken Italia)(McFarland) Golden Firereview beer80.51d8warmingPapagenoEuro strong lagerMilan
3256PeroniPeroncinoreview beer79.84b8malty(home)Euro pale lagerRome
4306La PetrognolaBirra Artigionale di Farroreview beer79.50b5.5orange-malt(room 34 in hotel Albergo Olivedo)saisonPiazza Al Serchio
5342Birra MorettiLa Rossa (8% version)review beer79.16d8treacleIl MolodoppelbockUdine
6369MenabreaChristmas Beerreview beer78.66b5.2roasted-malt(room 103 in Hotel Duca)English pale aleBiella
7543Birra MorettiLa Rossa (7.2% version)review beer76.80b7.2chocolate(in the lounge in Broadway Hotel)doppelbockUdine
8623Birra StelvioLagerreview beer76.46b5.2caramel(room 103 in Hotel Duca)Euro pale lagerBormio
9757Menabrea150° Anniversario Ambratareview beer75.11b5malty(home)American amber/red aleBiella
10881Il Birrificio di ComoMalthus All Blackreview beer74.10b6.4candy-liquorice(room 34 in hotel Albergo Olivedo)schwarzbierComo
11883Il Birrificio di ComoMalthus Roxannereview beer74.10b5.8smooth-fruit(room 34 in hotel Albergo Olivedo)Euro dark lagerComo
12921Le BaladinNoël Baladinreview beer74.10b9fruit-maltOsteria della BirraBelgian strong dark alePiozzo
13971Castello di UdineForza Azzurrireview beer73.76b5malty(home)Euro pale lagerSan Giorgio di Nogaro
141038Il Birrificio di ComoMalthus Marilynreview beer73.42b4.9lemony-malt(apartment 3 in Cracowrent)Euro pale lagerComo
151076Doppio MaltoLa Birra del Triangolo Larianoreview beer73.25b4.8fruity-maltApertivo et AlAmerican amber/red lagerErba
161204Il Birrificio di ComoMalthus Brevareview beer72.41b5.8syrupy-orange(room 34 in hotel Albergo Olivedo)Belgian pale aleComo
171809Birra MorettiDoppio Maltoreview beer69.20d7caramelChiosco al MolodoppelbockUdine
181901Carlsberg ItaliaBirra Porettireview beer68.69b5fruit-salad(home)Euro pale lagerLainate
192009Birra Dreher (Heineken Italia)McFarland Traditional Red Beerreview beer68.02b5.6caramelAl 2005Irish red aleMilan
202127Birra Dreher (Heineken Italia)Ichnusa Specialereview beer67.68b5.6lemony(room 34 in hotel Albergo Olivedo)Euro pale lagerMilan
212495Doppio MaltoRust Alereview beer65.99b5.5dark-fruitApertivo et AlAmerican amber/red lagerErba
222686Doppio MaltoMahogany IPAreview beer64.98b6syrupy-fruit(room 34 in hotel Albergo Olivedo)English IPAErba
232998MenabreaMarks & Spencer Birra d'Oro / Italian Lager / Palmbräu Premiumreview beer64.14b5fresh(home - yard)Euro pale lagerBiella
243054Il Birrificio di ComoMalthus Weissreview beer63.63b4.9fruity-wheat(room 34 in hotel Albergo Olivedo)hefe weizenComo
253290ProdelBirra del Vecchioreview beer62.61b4.7easy(home)German pilsenerMaida
263543Castello di UdineForza Azzurrareview beer61.60d5fresh!SanremoEuro pale lagerSan Giorgio di Nogaro
273936Castello di UdineBirra Friulanareview beer60.59b5hoppy(sitting outside by the pier not far from our hoteAmerican pale wheat aleSan Giorgio di Nogaro
284003Birra MorettiBirra Morettireview beer60.08d4.6cleanIl MoloEuro pale lagerUdine
294320MenabreaMarks & Spencer Birra d'Oro / Palmbräu Premiumreview beer58.56b5fruity(home)Euro pale lagerBiella
304367Birra Dreher (Heineken Italia)Ichnusareview beer58.56b4.7smooth(room 401 in City Walk Hotel)Euro pale lagerMilan
314583Birra Dreher (Heineken Italia)Dreher Lagerbierreview beer58.05b4.7fresh(room 34 in hotel Albergo Olivedo)Euro pale lagerMilan
324592PeroniNastro Azzurroreview beer58.00d5.166fresh-hopsDiamond CaféAmerican macro lagerRome
334922Doppio MaltoBrass Weissreview beer56.20b4.5orangesApertivo et Alhefe weizenErba
345106Carlsberg ItaliaSplügenreview beer55.52b4.5rich-hops(room 34 in hotel Albergo Olivedo)Euro pale lagerLainate
355137Castello di UdineAlpen Bräureview beer55.52b3.5fresh-hops(room 34 in hotel Albergo Olivedo)Euro pale lagerSan Giorgio di Nogaro
365150Carlsberg ItaliaValerioreview beer55.52b5standard(home - yard)Euro pale lagerLainate
375300PeroniLeggerareview beer55.18b3.5pleasant(room 205 in Alice in the Territory hotel)Euro pale lagerRome
385593MenabreaBirrareview beer54.00b4.8lemon-hops(room 34 in hotel Albergo Olivedo)American macro lagerBiella
395597PeroniWuhrerreview beer54.00b4.7refreshing(sitting outside by the pier not far from our hoteEuro pale lagerRome
405833TarriconeBirra Morenareview beer52.48b4.6fresh(home)Euro pale lagerBalvano
415871PeroniGran Riservareview beer52.48b6.6standard(room 311 in Ibis hotel by the station)Euro pale lagerRome
425947Birra Dreher (Heineken Italia)Prinz Lagerreview beer52.48b3.5basic(sitting outside by the pier not far from our hoteEuro pale lagerMilan
436145ForstPremiumreview beer51.47b4.8easy(room 34 in hotel Albergo Olivedo)Euro pale lagerMerano
446148PeroniKantel Bräureview beer51.47b4.7fresh-hops(room 34 in hotel Albergo Olivedo)Euro pale lagerRome
456873PeroniLagerreview beer46.40b4.7ricyThe Elephant and CastleEuro pale lagerRome
466875Birra Dreher (Heineken Italia)Birra Messinareview beer46.40b4.7plain(room 215 in Pensione Hotel)Euro pale lagerMilan
476916Birra Dreher (Heineken Italia)Von Wunster Analcolicareview beer46.40b0refreshing(room 34 in hotel Albergo Olivedo)low alcohol beerMilan
486988Birra Dreher (Heineken Italia)Von Wunster Classicareview beer45.39b4.5average(room 34 in hotel Albergo Olivedo)Euro pale lagerMilan

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