Australian Beer Chart

Anyone who thinks that Australia is just about light lagers is mistaken. It's true that most beer drinking in the north of the country involves pale "hot weather" beers, but the south of Australia, including Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart, have abundant craft breweries (or boutique breweries, as they are often called). The state of Victoria is particularly thick with English-style real ales (even better in fact), but someone in Acland Cellars told me that the south of Western Australia has even more craft breweries.

Even in the north of Australia, you can find some great beers, such as Matso's Broome Breweries (in Broome, obviously) and Blue Sky Brewery, a brewpub in Cairns. Matilda Bay beers also tend to be fairly ubiquitous. In all, I've found nearly 500 different Australian beers, mostly during my two tours of the country. The best is Redoak Baltic Porter, which came in at number 2 in the world beer chart. Until recent years, the best Autralian ale was Grand Ridge Supershine, an 11% dark beer brewed in regional Victoria.

If you're really looking for beer in Australia, you need to concentrate on the south eastern part of the country. But there again, it's a shame to visit
such a spectacular and varied country without visiting the more "beer barren" regions, such as the far north and red centre. After all, Australia is a lot more than just its big cities.
No. Chart
brewery beer
% ABV descriptive
or place
beer style origin
13Redoak Boutique Beer CaféBaltic Porter 2006review beer91.32b9outstandingRedoak Boutique MicrobreweryBaltic porterSydney, New South Wales
224Redoak Boutique Beer CaféSt. Nicholas 2006review beer86.25b9caramelRedoak Boutique MicrobrewerytripelSydney, New South Wales
339Malt ShovelMad Brewers Orchard Alereview beer85.07b5exceptionalPaddywhackssaisonCamperdown, New South Wales
4110Redoak Boutique Beer CaféHoney Alereview beer82.88d5.2leatherwoodRedoak Boutique Microbreweryherbed/spiced beerSydney, New South Wales
5131Grand RidgeSupershinereview beer82.20b11syrupy(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)English barley wineMirboo North, Victoria
6132Grand RidgeMoonshine Dark Scotch Alereview beer82.20b8.5milk-chocolate(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)wee heavyMirboo North, Victoria
7157Redoak Boutique Beer CaféAutumn Lagerreview beer81.36d5.7outstandingRedoak Boutique MicrobreweryEuro dark lagerSydney, New South Wales
8168FeralHop Hogreview beer81.19d6pineyClancy'sAmerican IPABaskerville, Western Australia
9172Old SwanPorterreview beer81.19d5coffeeOld Swan BreweryEnglish porterPerth, Western Australia
10181CascadeFour Seasons Spring Festreview beer80.85b5flavoury(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)American macro lagerHobart, Tasmania
11199HahnSpecial Vintage 2000review beer80.51b8wow!(my room in Museum Lodge)Belgian strong dark aleCamperdown, New South Wales
12203BaronsBlack Wattle Superior Wattle Seed Alereview beer80.51b5.8robust(room 401 in City Walk Hotel)herbed/spiced beerWoollahra, New South Wales
13232HolgateUXB (Unexploded Bomb)review beer80.18d6toffeeTransportEnglish strong aleWoodend, Victoria
14268Grand RidgeMoonlight Nut Brown Alereview beer79.67b3.3heaven(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)English pale aleMirboo North, Victoria
15291Dark IsleTriple Maltreview beer79.50b7.3easy-going(room 15 in 12:01 East Backpackers hostel)Belgian strong pale aleGlenorchy, Tasmania
16303MilduraMallee Bull Heavyreview beer79.50b5.6chocolate(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)American amber/red lagerMildura, Victoria
17310Dark IslePale Alereview beer79.50b5.2oranges(in the lounge in Hollydene Lodge)American blonde aleGlenorchy, Tasmania
18318Dark IsleBlack Lagerreview beer79.17b4.9strawberries(room 15 in 12:01 East Backpackers hostel)schwarzbierGlenorchy, Tasmania
19332Redoak Boutique Beer CaféWee Heavyreview beer79.16b8woody(room 401 in City Walk Hotel)wee heavySydney, New South Wales
20338Malt ShovelJames Squire Malt Runnerreview beer79.16d5.2maple-syrupThe Grosvenor Hotelwinter warmerCamperdown, New South Wales
21371Redoak Boutique Beer CaféOatmeal Stoutreview beer78.49d5chocolateRedoak Boutique Microbreweryoatmeal stoutSydney, New South Wales
22381Mountain GoatIndia Pale Alereview beer78.49b5impressive(my room in Museum Lodge)English IPARichmond, Victoria
23384JamiesonMountain Alereview beer78.49b4.9woody(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)hefe weizenJamieson, Victoria
24394Redoak Boutique Beer CaféBockreview beer78.15b6.7syrupy(room 66 in Museum Lodge)bockSydney, New South Wales
25404Sail & Anchor1984review beer78.15d7.2syrupySail & AnchorAmerican imperial IPAFremantle, Western Australia
26419CascadeFour Seasons Winter Warmerreview beer78.15b5.2syrupy(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)dunkel weizenHobart, Tasmania
27514Redoak Boutique Beer CaféChristmas Cheerreview beer77.14b6.2anaseedRedoak Boutique Microbrewerywinter warmerSydney, New South Wales
28525Cooper'sExtra Strong Vintage Ale 2007review beer77.14b7.5yeasty(home)English strong aleRegency Park, South Australia
29535Sail & AnchorNone & Buckley's Wheat Beerreview beer76.80d4.5bananasSail & Anchorhefe weizenFremantle, Western Australia
30582HolgateWhite Alereview beer76.63b5sweet(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)witbierWoodend, Victoria
31591Geelong Brewing CompanyPale Alereview beer76.46b4.5toffee(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)English pale aleMoolap, Victoria
32593Lovely ValleyBloody Lovelyreview beer76.46b4.2lemonyLovely Valley Beverage Companymilk stoutMyponga
33616AkunaBlue Ginger Beerreview beer76.46b6sweet-gingerThe Australian Hotelherbed/spiced beerMona Vale, New South Wales
34617CascadeFirst Harvest Ale 2005review beer76.46b5.5malty(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)English pale aleHobart, Tasmania
35618Sail & AnchorPale Ale (IPA put through the 'beer engine')review beer76.46d5.5semi-fruitySail & AnchorEnglish pale aleFremantle, Western Australia
36652Red HillScotch Alereview beer76.12b5.8flavoursome(home)wee heavyRed Hill, Victoria
37682CascadeMercury Extra Strong Black Alcoholic Ciderreview beer75.79b8.1smooth(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)ciderHobart, Tasmania
38701IronbarkCherry Alereview beer75.45b4.8cherries(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)fruit beerCaversham, Western Australia
39702Lovely ValleyIrish Stoutreview beer75.45b4.7super-sweetLovely Valley Beverage CompanyIrish dry stoutMyponga
40750Blue SkyTrue Blue Stoutreview beer75.11d6.4outstandingBlue Sky BreweryAmerican stoutCairns, Queensland
41758JamiesonBrown Alereview beer75.11b4.9toffee(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)English brown aleJamieson, Victoria
42759Grand RidgeBlack & Tanreview beer75.11b4.9lovely!(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)black & tanMirboo North, Victoria
43780Feyn DrinkSydney Cider (vintage 2002)review beer74.77b7heaven(room 401 in City Walk Hotel)ciderSydney, New South Wales
44788Taverner'sStrong Mead Alereview beer74.77b8juicy(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)meadGlenorchy, Tasmania
45800FishersChilli Beerreview beer74.77d5mildClancy'sherbed/spiced beerPerth, Western Australia
46801James Boag'sXXX Alereview beer74.77b4.8flavoury(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)English pale aleLaunceston, Tasmania
47802James Boag'sSt. Georgereview beer74.77b4.8juicy(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)Euro pale lagerLaunceston, Tasmania
48805Queensland BreweriesPower's Ice Beerreview beer74.77b4.5malty(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)Euro pale lagerYatala, Queensland
49807Matilda BayPremier Lagerreview beer74.77b3.4easy-going(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)German pilsenerFremantle, Western Australia
50809Snowy MountainsBullocks Pilsnerreview beer74.77b6maltyThe Australian HotelCzech pilsenerJindabyne, New South Wales
51821Redoak Boutique Beer CaféRaspberry Hefeweizenreview beer74.43b5raspberry(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)hefe weizenSydney, New South Wales
52836Dark IsleBarilla Bay Oyster Stoutreview beer74.43b5.2creamy(in the lounge in Hollydene Lodge)English stoutGlenorchy, Tasmania
53838Matso'sDivers Porterreview beer74.43d5.2treacleMatso's Broome BreweryEnglish porterBroome, Western Australia
54844Bells Hotel and BrewerySix Bells Black Tan Bitterreview beer74.43b5sherbettBells Hotel & BreweryEnglish bitterMelbourne, Victoria
55882FeralRustreview beer74.10d6stewedClancy'sBelgian dark aleBaskerville, Western Australia
568853 RavensBlondreview beer74.10b5.5mango(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)Euro pale lagerThornbury, Victoria
57889Stone & WoodStone Beerreview beer74.10b5.3caramelised-sugar(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)dunkel lagerByron Bay, New South Wales
58896Matilda BayDogbolterreview beer74.10d5.2mysteriousThe Vicdunkel lagerFremantle, Western Australia
59910Snowy MountainsRazorback Red Alereview beer74.10b4.8toffee(home)American amber/red aleJindabyne, New South Wales
60924Byron Bay BreweryAustralian Strong Lagerreview beer74.10b5.5liqueur(home)Vienna lagerByron Bay, New South Wales
61958Byron Bay BreweryPremium Alereview beer73.76b5fruit-hops(room 66 in Museum Lodge)American macro lagerByron Bay, New South Wales
62975Grand RidgeBrewer's Pilsenerreview beer73.76b4.9malty(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)German pilsenerMirboo North, Victoria
63988BrewboysAce of Spadesreview beer73.42d5.9burnt-toastThe Local Taphouseexport stoutCroydon Park, South Australia
6410243 RavensAle Noir Smoked Beerreview beer73.42d5.2perfectBeer DeLuxesmoked aleThornbury, Victoria
651043Redoak Boutique Beer CaféKölschreview beer73.42d4.6candy-maizeRedoak Boutique MicrobreweryKölschSydney, New South Wales
661044BintaraPale Alereview beer73.42b4.5toffee(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)English pale aleRutherglen, Victoria
671045BintaraLagerreview beer73.42b4.5aromatic(room 401 in City Walk Hotel)American macro lagerRutherglen, Victoria
681046Lovely ValleyFleurieu Pale Alereview beer73.42b4.5tastyLovely Valley Beverage CompanyEnglish pale aleMyponga
691051The BrewhouseSunset Amber Alereview beer73.42d4.3milk-chocolateThe BrewhouseIrish red aleBrisbane, Queensland
701079The Macquarie HotelSchwartz Dark Beerreview beer73.25d4.4raisinyThe Macquarie HotelschwarzbierSydney, New South Wales
711103True SouthWee Jimmyreview beer73.08d6.5toastyThe Local Taphousewee heavyMelbourne, Victoria
721140Cooper'sExtra Strong Vintage Ale 2009review beer72.91b7.5rich-maltThe Mandorah Beach HotelEnglish strong aleRegency Park, South Australia
731151Lovely ValleyFleurieu Sparkling Alereview beer72.75b5.8tastyLovely Valley Beverage CompanyEnglish pale aleMyponga
741162Redoak Boutique Beer CaféBavarian Pilsenerreview beer72.75b5candy(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)German pilsenerSydney, New South Wales
751164Blue SkyWicked Ciderreview beer72.75d5gorgeousBlue Sky BreweryciderCairns, Queensland
761210Dark IsleSuperior Stoutreview beer72.41b5roasted(in the lounge in Hollydene Lodge)English stoutGlenorchy, Tasmania
771235Little CreaturesPale Alereview beer72.41b5.2great(home)English pale aleFremantle, Western Australia
781258The BrewhouseMoonlight Porterreview beer72.07d4.5perfectThe BrewhouseEnglish porterBrisbane, Queensland
791285Malt ShovelJames Squire Original Amber Alereview beer71.94b5flavoury(room 526 in Mercure Harbourside hotel)English pale aleCamperdown, New South Wales
801286PurrumbeteRed Duck Pale Alereview beer71.90b4.5malty(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)English pale aleCamperdown, Victoria
811291Matso'sMonsoonal Blonde (new weaker version)review beer71.73b4.75exoticNakamuras (airport bar)American pale wheat aleBroome, Western Australia
821294Feyn DrinkSydney Cider (vintage 2004)review beer71.73b7wow!(my room in Museum Lodge)ciderSydney, New South Wales
831303Sail & AnchorSail Blondereview beer71.73d4.9perfumySail & AnchorEuro pale lagerFremantle, Western Australia
841304BootlegWils Pilsreview beer71.73b4.9refreshing(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)Czech pilsenerMargaret River, Western Australia
851339Grand RidgeGippsland Blond Pale Alereview beer71.39b4.9honey(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)English pale aleMirboo North, Victoria
861351CascadeExport Stoutreview beer71.39b5.8sweet(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)export stoutHobart, Tasmania
871399Dark IsleLeatherwood Porterreview beer71.06b5.2contradictory(room 15 in 12:01 East Backpackers hostel)American porterGlenorchy, Tasmania
881405CascadeAmber Alereview beer71.06b4.8toffee-ish(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)American amber/red aleHobart, Tasmania
891414Redoak Boutique Beer CaféNutterreview beer71.06d6.4exquisiteRedoak Boutique MicrobreweryEnglish brown aleSydney, New South Wales
901417Redoak Boutique Beer CaféSpecial Strong Bitterreview beer71.06d5.6toffee-maltRedoak Boutique MicrobreweryESBSydney, New South Wales
911419Wineglass BayHazards Darkreview beer71.06b4.8burnt(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)English dark mild aleBicheno, Tasmania
921432White RabbitDark Alereview beer71.06d5.4chocolate-maltClancy'sEnglish brown aleHealsville, Victoria
931443JamiesonRaspberry Alereview beer70.89b4.7sour-fruit(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)fruit beerJamieson, Victoria
941449Old SwanWitbierreview beer70.72d5Turkish-DelightOld Swan BrewerywitbierPerth, Western Australia
951472StocadePremium Lagerreview beer70.72b5aromatic(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)American macro lagerDandenong South, Victoria
961478The MonkKolschreview beer70.72d4.9caramaltThe MonkKölschFremantle, Western Australia
971483CastlemaineEumundi Premium Lagerreview beer70.72b4.8wow!(my room in Museum Lodge)Euro pale lagerMilton, Queensland
981487Five IslandsDapto Draughtreview beer70.72d4.8lemonyFive Islands BreweryEuro pale lagerWollongong, New South Wales
991492Lovely ValleyBitter Lagerreview beer70.72b4.7smoothLovely Valley Beverage CompanyEuro pale lagerMyponga
1001493Five IslandsSouth Peachreview beer70.72d4.6fruityFive Islands Breweryfruit lambicWollongong, New South Wales
1011494Lovely ValleyFleurieu Draughtreview beer70.72b4.6tastyLovely Valley Beverage CompanyEuro pale lagerMyponga
1021496MilduraMurray Honey Wheatreview beer70.72b4.5sugary(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)hefe weizenMildura, Victoria
1031573Scharers Little BreweryBurragorang Bockreview beer70.38d6.4complexThe Australian HotelbockPicton, New South Wales
1041577Wig & PenVelvet Cream Stoutreview beer70.38d5.85sweetWig & Penmilk stoutCanberra, Australian Capital Territory
1051579BintaraBlack Beerreview beer70.38b5.5fruity(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)export stoutRutherglen, Victoria
1061583DucksteinMunich Hefeweizenreview beer70.38d5.3semi-fruityDuckstein Breweryhefe weizenSwan, Western Australia
1071595Matilda BayRedback Beerreview beer70.38b4.7fruity(my room in Museum Lodge)kristal weizenFremantle, Western Australia
1081607BootlegAmber Lightreview beer70.38b2.7malty(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)English pale mild aleMargaret River, Western Australia
1091630Brewers' Fine AleThe Original Pure Malt Alereview beer70.38b5.2malty(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)American all-malt lagerKew, Victoria
1101642Redoak Boutique Beer CaféBelgian Chocolate Stoutreview beer70.21b5dark-chocolateRedoak Boutique Microbreweryoatmeal stoutSydney, New South Wales
1111651Grand RidgeHatlifter Stoutreview beer70.04b4.9impressive(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)English pale aleMirboo North, Victoria
1121657James Boag'sHoney Porterreview beer70.04b5.5sweet(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)American porterLaunceston, Tasmania
1131666IronbarkBrown Alereview beer70.04b4.4woody(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)English brown aleCaversham, Western Australia
1141682HolgateWinter Alereview beer70.04b6oaky(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)winter warmerWoodend, Victoria
1151699Redoak Boutique Beer CaféDunkel Weissreview beer69.71d5.7wholesomeRedoak Boutique Microbrewerydunkel weizenSydney, New South Wales
1161715Independent Breweries (Australia)Cruiser Apparella Dolce Ciderreview beer69.71b4candy(room 3 in Barramundi Lodge)ciderLaverton, Victoria
1171716Independent Breweries (Australia)Cruiser Hummingbird Blonde Lager w. Passionfruitreview beer69.71b4fruit-juice(room 3 in Barramundi Lodge)fruit beerLaverton, Victoria
1181717Taverner'sHoney Mead Alereview beer69.71b4honey-ish(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)meadGlenorchy, Tasmania
1191744Bells Hotel and BrewerySix Bells Hell's Bellsreview beer69.62d6.5citrussyBells Hotel & Breweryhelles bockMelbourne, Victoria
1201774JamiesonPale Alereview beer69.37b4.6malty(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)English pale aleJamieson, Victoria
1211785Bells Hotel and BrewerySix Bells Winter Wheat Beerreview beer69.37b4.9milk-chocolateBells Hotel & Brewerywinter warmerMelbourne, Victoria
1221796Little CreaturesRoger's Beerreview beer69.36b3.8toffee-maltDivers TavernEnglish pale aleFremantle, Western Australia
1231806CascadeBlondereview beer69.20b4.8fresh-wheatBojangleskristal weizenHobart, Tasmania
1241815Toohey'sOld Black Alereview beer69.03b4.4toastyThe Balcony BarEnglish dark mild aleLidcombe, New South Wales
1251834BluetongueAlcoholic Ginger Beerreview beer69.03b4not-beer(room 30 in Eva's Backpacker's hostel)Euro pale lagerCameron Park, New South Wales
1261862Old ValleyBallydooly Draught Ciderreview beer68.69b5sweetMatso's Broome Brewerycider(unknown)
1271873Last DropWheatreview beer68.69d4.8outstandingClancy'shefe weizenCanning Vale, Western Australia
1281874Sail & AnchorApereview beer68.69d4.7apricotSail & AnchorAmerican pale aleFremantle, Western Australia
1291882Fish RockLeather Jacket Lagerreview beer68.69b4.5smooth(room 66 in Museum Lodge)German pilsenerMittagong, New South Wales
1301883Redoak Boutique Beer CaféOrganic Pale Alereview beer68.69d4.5fruit-hopsRedoak Boutique MicrobreweryEnglish pale aleSydney, New South Wales
1311884IronbarkAussie Pilsreview beer68.69b4.4malty(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)Euro pale lagerCaversham, Western Australia
1321903James Boag'sClassic Bitterreview beer68.69b4.9smooth(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)English bitterLaunceston, Tasmania
1331904BaronsOutback Export Premium Lagerreview beer68.69b4.9complex(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)Euro pale lagerWoollahra, New South Wales
1341921Port DockBlack Bart Milk Stoutreview beer68.36d5.8liquoricePort Dock Brewerymilk stoutPort Adelaide, South Australia
1351924Wig & PenRich's Summer Frenzyreview beer68.36d4.7strawberriesWig & Penfruit beerCanberra, Australian Capital Territory
1361928Wig & PenBulldog Best Bitterreview beer68.36d3.95refreshingWig & PenEnglish bitterCanberra, Australian Capital Territory
1371932Wig & PenBrewer's IPAreview beer68.36d5.95balancedWig & PenEnglish IPACanberra, Australian Capital Territory
1381933Cooper'sHeritagereview beer68.36b5.2malty(room 30 in Eva's Backpacker's hostel)English pale aleRegency Park, South Australia
1391935Bells Hotel and BrewerySix Bells Chocolate Stoutreview beer68.36d5burnt-chocolateBells Hotel & BreweryEnglish stoutMelbourne, Victoria
1401943SwanStoutreview beer68.36b7.4liquorice(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)English stoutCanning Vale, Western Australia
1411944JamiesonBeast IPAreview beer68.36b7bitter-hops(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)American IPAJamieson, Victoria
1421954Happy GoblinPale Alereview beer68.36b4.2rare(home)English pale aleMt Kuringai, New South Wales
1431968Matilda BayAlpha Pale Alereview beer68.25b5.2rich-malt(room 3 in Barramundi Lodge)American pale aleFremantle, Western Australia
1441989Redoak Boutique Beer CaféBlackberry Hefeweizenreview beer68.02b5tart(room 66 in Museum Lodge)hefe weizenSydney, New South Wales
1451992DucksteinDunkel Goldreview beer68.02d4.9maltyDuckstein Brewerydunkel lagerSwan, Western Australia
1462011DucksteinAlt Frankisches Dunkelreview beer68.02d5bitter-fruitDuckstein BreweryaltbierSwan, Western Australia
1472029Sail & AnchorBrass Monkey Stout (draught 5.5% version))review beer68.02d5.5complexSail & AnchorAmerican stoutFremantle, Western Australia
1482055Old ValleyBallydooly Sweet Ciderreview beer67.68b5sweetMatso's Broome Brewerycider(unknown)
1492078CascadeLagerreview beer67.68b4.8lemony(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)American macro lagerHobart, Tasmania
1502081Redoak Boutique Beer CaféSummer Weissreview beer67.68d4.6pearsRedoak Boutique Microbreweryhefe weizenSydney, New South Wales
1512088The South Australian Brewing CompanyWest End Exportreview beer67.68b4.4super-refreshing(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)Euro pale lagerThebarton, South Australia
1522100KnappsteinReserve Lagerreview beer67.68b5.6orange-blossomMatso's Broome BreweryGerman pilsenerClare, South Australia
1532105Sail & AnchorWahooreview beer67.68d4.8fruitySail & AnchorEuro pale lagerFremantle, Western Australia
1542163BootlegRaging Bullreview beer67.34b7.1red-wine(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)American strong aleMargaret River, Western Australia
1552182Yarra FlatsBuckley's Original Alereview beer67.34b4.9sweet(room 401 in City Walk Hotel)English pale aleHealesville, Victoria
1562185IronbarkMunich Pilsreview beer67.34b4.8malty(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)Euro pale lagerCaversham, Western Australia
1572186Elmar's in the ValleyOver Draught Alt Alereview beer67.34d4.8flavouryElmar's in the ValleyaltbierSwan, Western Australia
1582199Lovely ValleyMilk Stoutreview beer67.34b4.2candyLovely Valley Beverage Companymilk stoutMyponga
1592211James Boag'sLightreview beer67.34b2.7candy(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)light lagerLaunceston, Tasmania
1602217Malt ShovelNew Norcia Abbey Alereview beer67.34b7old-spiceThe Australian HotelBelgian pale aleCamperdown, New South Wales
1612229James Squire Brewhouse (Sydney)Golden Alereview beer67.34d5hoppyJames Squire BrewhouseBelgian pale aleSydney, New South Wales
1622231ColdstreamPilsnerreview beer67.34b4.5caramel(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)Euro pale lagerColdstream, Victoria
1632249BowralPigs Fly Pale Alereview beer67.34b6toffee-maltThe Australian HotelEnglish pale aleMoss Vale, New South Wales
1642255Sail & AnchorIndia Pale Alereview beer67.34d5.5tangySail & AnchorEnglish IPAFremantle, Western Australia
1652270Bondi Beer CompanyBondi Blondereview beer67.34b5surprising(my room in Museum Lodge)American blonde aleCameron Park, New South Wales
1662291HawthornAmber Alereview beer67.17b4.7toffee(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)American amber/red aleHawthorn, Victoria
1672302IronbarkIronbockreview beer67.00b5caramel(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)bockCaversham, Western Australia
1682309Lord NelsonOld Admiral (6.7% version)review beer67.00d6.7toffeeLord Nelson Brewery HotelEnglish strong aleSydney, New South Wales
1692333BootlegTom's Brown Alereview beer67.00b4milk-chocolate(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)English brown aleMargaret River, Western Australia
1702349Lord NelsonOld Admiral (6.1% version)review beer67.00b6.1flavouryLord Nelson Brewery HotelEnglish strong aleSydney, New South Wales
1712351Red HillHop Harvest Alereview beer67.00b6zesty(home)ESBRed Hill, Victoria
1722359The MonkPorterreview beer67.00d4.7chocolate-maltThe MonkEnglish porterFremantle, Western Australia
1732362Moorilla EstateMoo Brew Dark Alereview beer67.00b5dusty(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)American brown aleBerriedale, Tasmania
1742374Wig & PenKiandra Gold Pilsnerreview beer66.67d5.05candyWig & PenCzech pilsenerCanberra, Australian Capital Territory
1752380CascadePale Alereview beer66.67b5orangey(my room in Museum Lodge)English pale aleHobart, Tasmania
1762385Lovely ValleyFleurieu Bitterreview beer66.67b4.6tastyLovely Valley Beverage CompanyEnglish bitterMyponga
1772398CascadeDraughtreview beer66.67b4.7smooth(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)American macro lagerHobart, Tasmania
1782411Independent Breweries (Australia)Haägen Lager Beerreview beer66.67b5malty(my room in Museum Lodge)American macro lagerLaverton, Victoria
1792415James Boag'sOriginal Bitterreview beer66.67b4.7refreshing(room 76 in Museum Lodge)American macro lagerLaunceston, Tasmania
1802427CascadeSpecial Stoutreview beer66.67b5.8rich-maltBojanglesexport stoutHobart, Tasmania
1812436FeralBelgium Whitereview beer66.58d4.45orangesClancy'switbierBaskerville, Western Australia
1822447BraidwoodRuby Mildreview beer66.33b5.9explosive(room 401 in City Walk Hotel)English dark mild aleBraidwood, New South Wales
1832449TempleSaisonreview beer66.33b5.4rustic(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)saisonMelbourne, Victoria
1842450Sail & AnchorWinter Warmerreview beer66.33d5.2spicySail & AnchorEnglish strong aleFremantle, Western Australia
1852457PurrumbeteRed Duck Porterreview beer66.33b6.4nutty(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)English porterCamperdown, Victoria
1862461Little CreaturesBright Ale (4.8% version)review beer66.33b4.8maltyThe Pump RoomEnglish pale aleFremantle, Western Australia
1872468CascadeFirst Harvest 2010review beer66.33b5.5toffee-malt(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)English pale aleHobart, Tasmania
1882470HolgateOld Pale Alereview beer66.33b5rindy(room 401 in City Walk Hotel)English pale aleWoodend, Victoria
1892476TemplePale Alereview beer66.33b5grapey(home)American pale aleMelbourne, Victoria
1902498GulfSou' Wester Stoutreview beer65.99b4.6chocolate-barleyThe Australian HotelEnglish stoutAdelaide, South Australia
1912538CascadeMercury Sweet Ciderreview beer65.65b5.2champagne(room 225 in Good Earth Hotel)ciderHobart, Tasmania
1922550CascadeMercury Artisan Apple Ciderreview beer65.65b5.5apple-juiceDivers TavernciderHobart, Tasmania
1932560CastlemaineXXXX DL (Diet Lager)review beer65.65b4.4fresh(my room in Museum Lodge)American macro lagerMilton, Queensland
1942563Carlton & United BreweriesWA Gold Bitter Beerreview beer65.65c3malty(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)Euro pale lagerMelbourne, Victoria
1952581Dark IsleIndia Pale Alereview beer65.32b4.9wholesomeDark Isle Brewery warehouseEnglish IPAGlenorchy, Tasmania
1962606Carlton & United BreweriesAbbotsford Invalid Stoutreview beer65.32b5.2pleasing(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)milk stoutMelbourne, Victoria
1972609Dark IsleBrown Alereview beer65.32b4.9smooth-ishDark Isle Brewery warehouseEnglish brown aleGlenorchy, Tasmania
1982613NailNail Pale Alereview beer65.32d4.7maltyClancy'sEnglish pale alePerth, Western Australia
1992667Saltram Wine EstatePepperjack Hand Crafted Alereview beer64.98b4.7stewed(room 205 in Alice in the Territory hotel)fruit beerAngaston, South Australia
2002675James Squire Brewhouse (Sydney)Highway Man Red Alereview beer64.98d3.13fruity-malt(room 215 in Pensione Hotel)English pale aleSydney, New South Wales
2012687Redoak Boutique Beer CaféSpecial Strong Alereview beer64.98d5.8citrusRedoak Boutique MicrobreweryEnglish strong aleSydney, New South Wales
2022698Last DropStratford Bitterreview beer64.98d4.7roasted-maltThe MonkEnglish bitterCanning Vale, Western Australia
2032704Carlton & United BreweriesKent Old Brownreview beer64.98b6semi-blandThe Australian HotelEnglish brown aleMelbourne, Victoria
2042738Matso'sMonsoonal Blonde (old stronger version)review beer64.64d5.1refreshingMatso's Broome BreweryAmerican pale wheat aleBroome, Western Australia
2052749BootlegSou' West Wheatreview beer64.64b4.7caramel(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)American pale wheat aleMargaret River, Western Australia
2062767Geelong Brewing CompanyPremium Lightreview beer64.64b2.7candy(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)light lagerMoolap, Victoria
2072781Matso'sPindan Alereview beer64.64d3.6pineyMatso's Broome BreweryAmerican pale aleBroome, Western Australia
2082853Carlton & United BreweriesLJ (Low Joule Beer)review beer64.64b4.6mlty(my room in Museum Lodge)American macro lagerMelbourne, Victoria
2092870CascadePremium Lagerreview beer64.64b5pureTodd TavernAmerican macro lagerHobart, Tasmania
2102888ColdstreamCiderreview beer64.47b7winey(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)ciderColdstream, Victoria
2112900Lord NelsonThree Sheetsreview beer64.30d4.9herbaciousLord Nelson Brewery HotelEnglish pale aleSydney, New South Wales
2122902BraidwoodBest Bitterreview beer64.30b4.6oranges(room 401 in City Walk Hotel)English bitterBraidwood, New South Wales
2132906Lovely ValleyBitter Black n' Tanreview beer64.30b4.5applesLovely Valley Beverage Companyblack & tanMyponga
2142908Matso'sPearler's Pale Alereview beer64.30d4.5orange-blossomMatso's Broome BreweryAmerican pale aleBroome, Western Australia
2152911Grumpy'sBigglesreview beer64.30d4.4wholesomeGrumpy's BrewhausESBHahndorf, South Australia
2162925BrewboysGT Lagerreview beer64.30d5.8floweryThe Local TaphouseEuro pale lagerCroydon Park, South Australia
2172936AkunaGoldreview beer64.30b4.2sweet-gingerThe Australian Hotelherbed/spiced beerMona Vale, New South Wales
2182947Malt ShovelJames Squire Australian Strong Alereview beer64.30b6.8syrupy(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)English strong aleCamperdown, New South Wales
2192951Blue SkySmoked Lagerreview beer64.30d5.9smoky-maltBlue Sky Brewerysmoked aleCairns, Queensland
2202957Sail & AnchorBrass Monkey Stout (draught 5.2% version))review beer64.30d5.2burnt-woodSail & AnchorAmerican stoutFremantle, Western Australia
2212969Hargreaves HillPalereview beer64.30b4.9sour-ish(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)American pale aleSteels Creek, Victoria
2223012BrewboysMaiden Alereview beer63.96d4.9roast-maltThe Local TaphouseAmerican amber/red aleCroydon Park, South Australia
2233046Taverner'sRaspberry Chilli Beerreview beer63.63b4cantradictory(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)fruit beerGlenorchy, Tasmania
2243059The South Australian Brewing CompanySouthwark Pale Alereview beer63.63d4.6semi-fruityThe Holdfast Hotel BrewpubEnglish pale aleThebarton, South Australia
2253065Toohey'sPilsreview beer63.63b5.2betterGreen Square HotelGerman pilsenerLidcombe, New South Wales
2263067The Macquarie HotelSchwartz Summer Timereview beer63.63d4.8light-caramelThe Macquarie HotelAmerican blonde aleSydney, New South Wales
2273095Fish RockRed Emperor Amber Alereview beer63.63b4.5juicy(room 66 in Museum Lodge)American amber/red aleMittagong, New South Wales
2283096Fusion BrewingBluebottle Beerreview beer63.63b4.3semi-fruity(home - yard)Euro pale lagerPyrmont, New South Wales
2293109CascadeMercury Medium Sweet Alcoholic Ciderreview beer63.62b5.5fresh-applesUncle's TavernciderHobart, Tasmania
2303139The BrewhouseStorm Real Alereview beer63.29d5.1wholesomeThe BrewhouseEnglish pale aleBrisbane, Queensland
2313156Bells Hotel and BrewerySix Bells Pop Bellsreview beer63.29b5.2wholesomeBells Hotel & BreweryESBMelbourne, Victoria
2323190Bulmer (Australia)Strongbow Alcoholic Cider Originalreview beer63.12b5cleanThe Old Zoo CaféciderCampbelltown, New South Wales
2333212Grand RidgeYarra Valley Goldreview beer62.95b4.9bittery(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)American blonde aleMirboo North, Victoria
2343218Redoak Boutique Beer CaféDark English Mild Alereview beer62.95d3.4maltyRedoak Boutique MicrobreweryEnglish dark mild aleSydney, New South Wales
2353243James Boag'sPremiumreview beer62.61b5freshThe Peak LookoutEuro pale lagerLaunceston, Tasmania
2363248Toohey's5 Seedsreview beer62.61b5gorgeous(room 225 in Good Earth Hotel)ciderLidcombe, New South Wales
2373260Port DockGinjareview beer62.61b3fizzy(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)herbed/spiced beerPort Adelaide, South Australia
2383261The Macquarie HotelSchwartz Cider (Sydney Cider Trial Batch 4)review beer62.61d7fruit-juiceThe Macquarie HotelciderSydney, New South Wales
2393265The South Australian Brewing CompanyWest End Lightreview beer62.61b2.3fresh(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)light lagerThebarton, South Australia
2403266Matilda BayRedback Mild Wheat Beerreview beer62.61b3.4wheatyZeebarAmerican pale wheat aleFremantle, Western Australia
2413278CascadeMercury Special Dry Alcoholic Ciderreview beer62.61b5.5tasty(my room in Museum Lodge)ciderHobart, Tasmania
2423283FishersWinter Alereview beer62.61d5semi-chilliesClancy'sEuro pale lagerPerth, Western Australia
2433291Gage RoadsPure Malt Pilsnerreview beer62.61b4.7malty(room 15 in 12:01 East Backpackers hostel)American all-malt lagerPalmyra, Western Australia
2443295Carlton & United BreweriesCrown Goldreview beer62.61b3.5dustyMemo ClubEuro pale lagerMelbourne, Victoria
2453318Bridge Road BrewersBeechworth Pale Alereview beer62.28b4.8sweet(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)American pale aleBeechworth, Victoria
2463319Wig & PenBallyragget Irish Red Alereview beer62.28d4.75syrupyWig & PenIrish red aleCanberra, Australian Capital Territory
2473352Redoak Boutique Beer CaféIndia Pale Alereview beer62.28d6.5bitter-hopsRedoak Boutique MicrobreweryEnglish IPASydney, New South Wales
2483354Mountain GoatSurefoot Stoutreview beer62.28b5characterful(my room in Museum Lodge)American stoutRichmond, Victoria
2493384Matilda BayRooftop Red Lagerreview beer61.94d4.5honey-richThe Australian Hotelvienna lagerFremantle, Western Australia
2503423Malt ShovelJames Squire Porterreview beer61.94d5charcoalJames Squire BrewhouseEnglish porterCamperdown, New South Wales
2513431KooindaPale Alereview beer61.94b4.7toffee-malt(home)American pale aleRosanna, Victoria
2523439Redoak Boutique Beer CaféIrish Red Alereview beer61.94d4.5maltyRedoak Boutique MicrobreweryIrish red aleSydney, New South Wales
2533485Toohey'sExtra Dry Platinumreview beer61.60b6.5dryCasbah (Lasseters casino bar)American macro lagerLidcombe, New South Wales
2543492Carlton & United BreweriesColdreview beer61.60b4.6surprising(in the lounge in the Gecko Lodge hostel)American macro lagerMelbourne, Victoria
2553494Lovely ValleySmooth Lagerreview beer61.60b4.2bitter-ishLovely Valley Beverage CompanyEuro pale lagerMyponga
2563524Sail & AnchorMagnum Ciderreview beer61.60d4.9apple-juiceSail & AnchorciderFremantle, Western Australia
2573528Bells Hotel and BrewerySix Bells Jingle Bellsreview beer61.60b4.7candy-ishBells Hotel & Brewery(unknown)Melbourne, Victoria
2583531SwanEmu Stoutreview beer61.60b4.5basic(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)English stoutCanning Vale, Western Australia
2593538SwanEmu Draught Midstrengthreview beer61.60b3fresh(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)light lagerCanning Vale, Western Australia
2603556Brothers InkSkinny Blondereview beer61.60b5fruity-hops(room 205 in Alice in the Territory hotel)Euro pale lagerSydney, New South Wales
2613562Matilda BayBig Helgareview beer61.49d4.7okayThe Juicy Rumphelles lagerFremantle, Western Australia
2623569The MonkPalereview beer61.43d5flowery-hopsThe MonkEnglish pale aleFremantle, Western Australia
2633597Snowy MountainsCharlotte's Hefeweizenreview beer61.26b4.7cloves(room 205 in Alice in the Territory hotel)hefe weizenJindabyne, New South Wales
2643602IronbarkGolden Wheatreview beer61.26b4.5caramel-wheat(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)hefe weizenCaversham, Western Australia
2653612Lovely ValleyCreamy Stoutreview beer61.26b4.2smoothLovely Valley Beverage Companymilk stoutMyponga
2663620DucksteinHolsteiner Amberreview beer61.26d3.5wholesomeDuckstein Brewerydunkel lagerSwan, Western Australia
2673664James Squire Brewhouse (Sydney)Speculatorreview beer61.26d5.5floralJames Squire BrewhouseAmerican pale aleSydney, New South Wales
2683693Port DockBlack Diamond Bitterreview beer61.26d5gingerPort Dock BreweryEnglish bitterPort Adelaide, South Australia
2693703BaronsPale Alereview beer61.26b4.6toffee-malt(home)American pale aleWoollahra, New South Wales
2703708Blue SkyFNQ Lagerreview beer61.26b4.5caramel(room 215 in Pensione Hotel)Euro pale lagerCairns, Queensland
2713760BaronsESBreview beer61.26b3.7roast-malt(room 3 in Barramundi Lodge)ESBWoollahra, New South Wales
2723787Cooper'sDark Alereview beer61.15b4.5chocolateThe CavanaghEnglish dark mild aleRegency Park, South Australia
2733791Matilda BayFat Yak Pale Alereview beer61.01d4.7bitter-hopsPJ O'Brian'sAmerican pale aleFremantle, Western Australia
2743795Old SwanBrewers Choice Dark Amber Alereview beer60.93d4.9complexOld Swan Brewerydunkel lagerPerth, Western Australia
2753897TempleSpecial Bitterreview beer60.59b4.7roasted(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)ESBMelbourne, Victoria
2763916Independent Breweries (Australia)Cruiser Hummingbird Blonde Lagerreview beer60.59b4pure(room 3 in Barramundi Lodge)Euro pale lagerLaverton, Victoria
2773944Barossa ValleyOrganic Alereview beer60.42b5.2fruit-blossom(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)English IPALyndoch, South Australia
2783997Blue SkyCairns Goldreview beer60.14b3.3maizy(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)American pale aleCairns, Queensland
2793998CascadeMercury Special Light Alcoholic Ciderreview beer60.09b2.8fruit-juice(room 205 in Alice in the Territory hotel)ciderHobart, Tasmania
2804007BarefootRadlerreview beer60.08b4.2dry(room 205 in Alice in the Territory hotel)fruit beerAdelaide, South Australia
2814053Lord Nelson21C Brown Alereview beer59.91d5wholesomeLord Nelson Brewery HotelEnglish brown aleSydney, New South Wales
2824061James Squire Brewhouse (Sydney)Governor Kingreview beer59.74d6.1lemon-malt(room 215 in Pensione Hotel)English pale aleSydney, New South Wales
2834062HolgateMt Macedon Pale Alereview beer59.74b4.5hoppy(room 401 in City Walk Hotel)English pale aleWoodend, Victoria
2844078Old ValleyBallydooly Dry Ciderreview beer59.57b5smoothMatso's Broome Brewerycider(unknown)
2854084Angove'sStone's Ginger Beerreview beer59.57b4.8pineapples(in the lounge in Broadway Hotel)herbed/spiced beerRenmark, South Australia
2864088Bulmer (Australia)Strongbow Low Carb Ciderreview beer59.57b5apricot(room 225 in Good Earth Hotel)ciderCampbelltown, New South Wales
2874093Red HillWheat Beerreview beer59.57b5floral-wheat(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)hefe weizenRed Hill, Victoria
2884102Sail & AnchorChilli Beerreview beer59.57d5hotSail & Anchorherbed/spiced beerFremantle, Western Australia
2894141Bridge Road BrewersBeechworth Australian Alereview beer59.24b4.4wholesome(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)English pale aleBeechworth, Victoria
2904163Moorilla EstateMoo Brew Stoutreview beer59.24d8richBeer DeLuxeAmerican imperial stoutBerriedale, Tasmania
2914171Bells Hotel and BrewerySix Bells Stout Billyreview beer59.24b6.2dark-chocolateBells Hotel & BreweryEnglish stoutMelbourne, Victoria
2924199Carlton & United BreweriesDry Fusion Limereview beer59.07b4.2limeFannie Bay Ale House (airport)fruit beerMelbourne, Victoria
2934246Redoak Boutique Beer CaféBitterreview beer58.90d3.2light-spiceRedoak Boutique MicrobreweryEnglish bitterSydney, New South Wales
2944265Malt ShovelJames Squire Golden Alereview beer58.73c4.5summery(on the airplane from Sydney to Hong Kong)American pale aleCamperdown, New South Wales
2954276Five IslandsPig Dog Pilsenerreview beer58.56d4.5explosiveFive Islands BreweryCzech pilsenerWollongong, New South Wales
2964296BitchExtra Strength Premium Lagerreview beer58.56b6alcoholThe Australian HotelEuro pale lagerMoolap, Victoria
2974311Moorilla EstateMoo Brew Hefeweizenreview beer58.56b5.1wheaty(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)hefe weizenBerriedale, Tasmania
2984334The South Australian Brewing CompanySouthwark Premium Lagerreview beer58.56b5citrus(my room in Museum Lodge)American macro lagerThebarton, South Australia
2994340Cooper'sBroken Hillreview beer58.56b5murkyFogg n' Suds (Broadway)English bitterRegency Park, South Australia
3004346Carlton & United BreweriesMelbourne Bitter (4.9% version)review beer58.56b4.9refreshing(room 66 in Museum Lodge)American macro lagerMelbourne, Victoria
3014351Cooper'sRegency Draughtreview beer58.56b4.9lemony(my room in Museum Lodge)Euro pale lagerRegency Park, South Australia
3024363True SouthNew World Pilsnerreview beer58.56d4.8grapesBeer DeLuxeEuro pale lagerMelbourne, Victoria
3034371Stone & WoodPale Lagerreview beer58.56d4.7grapefruityBeer DeLuxeAmerican pale lagerByron Bay, New South Wales
3044372Sail & AnchorDry Dockreview beer58.56d4.6fresh-blossomSail & AnchorAmerican blonde aleFremantle, Western Australia
3054376Carlton & United BreweriesCarlton Premium Dryreview beer58.56b4.5semi-fruity(my room in Museum Lodge)American macro lagerMelbourne, Victoria
3064380Matso'sMango Beerreview beer58.56b4.5mangoZandersfruit beerBroome, Western Australia
3074382BintaraPilsnerreview beer58.56b4.5stewed(home)Czech pilsenerRutherglen, Victoria
3084402Toohey'sGold Midstrengthreview beer58.56b3light(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)light lagerLidcombe, New South Wales
3094416The MonkMildreview beer58.56d3.5lemon-hopsThe MonkEnglish pale mild aleFremantle, Western Australia
3104453Cooper's62 Pilsnerreview beer58.56b5orange-hops(room 3 in Barramundi Lodge)German pilsenerRegency Park, South Australia
3114469Cooper'sBest Extra Stoutreview beer58.39b6.3rich-maltMemo Clubexport stoutRegency Park, South Australia
3124486Port DockThe Old Preacher Strong Alereview beer58.22d7.5powerfulPort Dock BreweryEnglish strong alePort Adelaide, South Australia
3134489Malt ShovelJames Squire India Pale Alereview beer58.22d5.6bitterJames Squire BrewhouseAmerican IPACamperdown, New South Wales
3144513GulfFish Talereview beer58.22b4.2souryThe Australian HotelCzech pilsnerAdelaide, South Australia
3154524Grumpy'sAuld Fokkerreview beer58.22d3.9caramelGrumpy's BrewhausaltbierHahndorf, South Australia
3164561The BrewhouseFallen Star Midstrengthreview beer58.22d3.5maltyThe BrewhouseGerman pilsenerBrisbane, Queensland
3174568Wig & PenPale Alereview beer58.22d5.15citrusWig & PenEnglish pale aleCanberra, Australian Capital Territory
3184571Bridge Road BrewersBeechworth Wheat Alereview beer58.22b5oranges(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)hefe weizenBeechworth, Victoria
3194582Bulmer (Australia)Strongbow Alcoholic Cider Sweetreview beer58.05b5candy-applesFannie Bay Ale House (airport)ciderCampbelltown, New South Wales
3204584Malt ShovelJames Squire Pilsenerreview beer58.05b5balanced(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)German pilsenerCamperdown, New South Wales
3214585Cooper'sSparkling Alereview beer58.05b5.8flowery-hopsRed Ochre Grill (Aurora Hotel)English pale aleRegency Park, South Australia
3224586HahnIce Beerreview beer58.05b4light(in the lounge in Broadway Hotel)American macro lagerCamperdown, New South Wales
3234590CascadeMercury Genuine Draughtreview beer58.05b5.2tasty(room 224 in Beaches of Broome)ciderHobart, Tasmania
3244607Five IslandsBulli Blackreview beer57.89d4.6coffeeFive Islands BreweryEnglish porterWollongong, New South Wales
3254655Matso'sRiver Rocks Lagerreview beer57.55d4.8maltyMatso's Broome BrewerydortmunderBroome, Western Australia
3264693Fusion BrewingFireflyreview beer57.55b6grapefruity-hopsThe Australian HotelEuro pale lagerPyrmont, New South Wales
3274695The BrewhouseStar Lagerreview beer57.55d5dynamicThe BrewhouseEuro pale lagerBrisbane, Queensland
3284699Cooper'sDB (Dry Brewed)review beer57.55b4.4semi-orangey(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)Euro pale lagerRegency Park, South Australia
3294724Matilda BayBohemian Pilzner/Pilsnerreview beer57.43b4.7orange-maltZeebarCzech pilsenerFremantle, Western Australia
3304738Old SwanPale Alereview beer57.21d4.9freshOld Swan BreweryEnglish pale alePerth, Western Australia
3314739DucksteinGoslarsche Goosereview beer57.21d4.9lemon-candyDuckstein Brewery(unknown)Swan, Western Australia
3324740Scharers Little BreweryLagerreview beer57.21d4.5nutmegThe Australian HotelAmerican macro lagerPicton, New South Wales
3334746Cooper'sSpecial Old Stoutreview beer57.21b6.8liquorice(my room in Museum Lodge)export stoutRegency Park, South Australia
3344775Happy GoblinGingerreview beer57.21b3.8fizzy(home)herbed/spiced beerMt Kuringai, New South Wales
3354776Foster'sSpecial Bitterreview beer57.21b2.5malty(my room in Museum Lodge)English bitterSouthbank, Victoria
3364794Toohey'sExtra Dryreview beer57.21b5crispNakamuras (airport bar)American macro lagerLidcombe, New South Wales
3374800Bulmer (Australia)Strongbow Alcoholic Cider Dryreview beer57.05b5white-wineFannie Bay Ale House (airport)ciderCampbelltown, New South Wales
3384802Cooper'sLagerreview beer57.04d4.9refreshingLizard's Bar & GrillEuro pale lagerRegency Park, South Australia
3394803Carlton & United BreweriesDry Fusion Lemonreview beer57.04b4.2fruit-juiceCasbah (Lasseters casino bar)fruit beerMelbourne, Victoria
3404804William BullRed Angus Pilsenerreview beer57.04b4.9lemonyPaddywhacksGerman pilsenerBilbul, New South Wales
3414806Carlton & United BreweriesVB Raw Dry Lagerreview beer57.04b4.5freshZeebarlight lagerMelbourne, Victoria
3424807Redoak Boutique Beer CaféOrganic Hefeweizenreview beer57.04d5candy-lemonRedoak Boutique Microbreweryhefe weizenSydney, New South Wales
3434820Lord NelsonNelson's Bloodreview beer56.87d4.9syrupyLord Nelson Brewery HotelAmerican porterSydney, New South Wales
3444843CascadeGreenreview beer56.70b4.5flavouryReflections Pool BarAmerican macro lagerHobart, Tasmania
3454859The South Australian Brewing CompanyWest End Draughtreview beer56.53b4.5grapefruity-hopsTodd TavernEuro pale lagerThebarton, South Australia
3464876Three OaksAlcoholic Apple Cider Originalreview beer56.53b5.3apple-juiceThe Rock BarciderSalisbury, South Australia
3474877Little CreaturesPipsqueakreview beer56.53b5.2sweet(room 224 in Beaches of Broome)ciderFremantle, Western Australia
3484884Some Saint Kilda GuysSaint Kilda Brewreview beer56.53b4.5lemon-malt(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)Euro pale lagerMelbourne, Victoria
3494886Toohey'sRed Bitterreview beer56.53b4freshThe HopetounEuro pale lagerLidcombe, New South Wales
3504889Gage RoadsPils (Midstrength)review beer56.53b3.5creamy(room 224 in Beaches of Broome)German pilsenerPalmyra, Western Australia
3514891e Thirty ThreeExtra Strong Alcoholic Ciderreview beer56.53b8.4strong(room 1806 in ??? Hotel)ciderDevon Park, South Australia
3524893Five IslandsLondboard Witbierreview beer56.53d5orangesFive Islands BrewerywitbierWollongong, New South Wales
3534921PurrumbeteRed Duck Amber Alereview beer56.20b4.9explosive(room 401 in City Walk Hotel)American amber/red aleCamperdown, Victoria
3544951CastlemaineCarbine Stoutreview beer56.20b5.1liquorice(room 16B in Serpent Hostel)milk stoutMilton, Queensland
3554980Malt ShovelJames Squire Sundown Lagerreview beer56.03b4.4flavoury(room 205 in Alice in the Territory hotel)helles lagerCamperdown, New South Wales
3564981Grand RidgeNatural Blond Wheat Beerreview beer56.02b4.5lemony-wheat(home)witbierMirboo North, Victoria
3574995Matso'sSmokey Bishopreview beer55.86d4.8coffee-chocolateMatso's Broome Brewerydunkel lagerBroome, Western Australia
3585020Grumpy'sRed Barronreview beer55.86d3.6semi-richGrumpy's BrewhausScottish aleHahndorf, South Australia
3595023Sail & AnchorBrass Monkey Stout (in bottle)review beer55.86b6rich(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)American stoutFremantle, Western Australia
3605063Mountain GoatHightail Alereview beer55.69b4.5flowery(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)Hightail AleMountain Goat
3615074Wig & PenKanberra Kolschreview beer55.52d4.75sugaryWig & PenKölschCanberra, Australian Capital Territory
3625090The BrewhouseBulldog Cloudy Alereview beer55.52d4.1lemonyThe BrewhouseEnglish pale aleBrisbane, Queensland
3635101James Boag'sStrongarm Bitterreview beer55.52b5contrasting(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)English bitterLaunceston, Tasmania
3645110Queensland BreweriesPowers Goldreview beer55.52c3.2refreshing(room C4 in Serpent Hostel)American macro lagerYatala, Queensland
3655111Toohey'sKirin First Press Beerreview beer55.52b5aromatic(room 205 in Alice in the Territory hotel)Euro pale lagerTokyo
3665118GoodheadbeerGood Head GHreview beer55.52b5.5basic(home)Euro pale lagerAbbotsford, Victoria
3675132SwanEmu Bitterreview beer55.52b4.5lemony(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)American macro lagerCanning Vale, Western Australia
3685133OakbankPikes Oakbank New Sparklingreview beer55.52b4.5fizzy(room 30 in Eva's Backpacker's hostel)Euro pale lagerRosebery, New South Wales
3695134Resch'sPilsenerreview beer55.52b4.4hoppy(my room in Museum Lodge)German pilsenerMelbourne, Victoria
3705139The Lucky Drinks CompanyLucky Beerreview beer55.52b4.8basic(home)American macro lagerRutherglen, Victoria
3715141James Boag'sClassic Blondereview beer55.52b4.5semi-fruity(room 526 in Mercure Harbourside hotel)American macro lagerLaunceston, Tasmania
3725155James Boag'sDraughtreview beer55.44d4.7mountain-freshThe VicAmerican macro lagerLaunceston, Tasmania
3735250Lord NelsonTrafalgar Pale Alereview beer55.18d4freshLord Nelson Brewery HotelEnglish pale aleSydney, New South Wales
3745275Little CreaturesBright Ale (4.5% version)review beer55.18b4.5fruity-hopsZeebarEnglish pale aleFremantle, Western Australia
3755335BootlegSettler's Pridereview beer55.18b4.8bitter(in the lounge in Exclusive Backpackers hostel)American IPAMargaret River, Western Australia
3765383The South Australian Brewing CompanyWest End Goldreview beer55.02b3.2lemony(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)Euro pale lagerThebarton, South Australia
3775445CastlemaineXXXX Summer Bright Lagerreview beer54.84b4.2fruityUncle's TavernEuro pale lagerMilton, Queensland
3785450Carlton & United BreweriesVB Goldreview beer54.71d3.5floweryPJ O'Brian'slight lagerMelbourne, Victoria
3795461(unknown)Black Stamp Beerreview beer54.51d4.5interestingBlack Stamp(unknown)(unknown)
3805467GulfHumpback Palereview beer54.51b4.2grapefruityThe Australian HotelEnglish pale aleAdelaide, South Australia
3815473Three OaksAlcoholic Apple Cider Sweetreview beer54.51b5.3sweetThe Rock BarciderSalisbury, South Australia
3825483Sunshine Coast Brewing CompanyRobinson's Chilli Beerreview beer54.51b4.6semi-fruityApreschilli beerSunshine Coast, Queensland
3835486Cooper'sDr Tim's Traditional Alereview beer54.51b4.5citrus(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)English pale aleRegency Park, South Australia
3845494Cooper'sRegency Lightreview beer54.51b2.9malty(my room in Museum Lodge)low alcohol beerRegency Park, South Australia
3855500Snowy MountainsCrackenback Pale Alereview beer54.51b4.9wholesome(room 401 in City Walk Hotel)English pale aleJindabyne, New South Wales
3865503Lord NelsonQuayle Ale (4.5% version)review beer54.51d4.5floweryLord Nelson Brewery Hotelkristal weizenSydney, New South Wales
3875520Old SwanPilsnerreview beer54.51d5bitteryOld Swan BreweryEuro pale lagerPerth, Western Australia
3885545Resch'sReal Bitter Beerreview beer54.34b4.1bitter-ish(my room in Museum Lodge)American macro lagerMelbourne, Victoria
3895582Resch'sDinner Alereview beer54.17b4.4balanced(my room in Museum Lodge)American macro lagerMelbourne, Victoria
3905589Toohey'sNewreview beer54.17c4.6standardBeaches of Broome (hostel bar)American macro lagerLidcombe, New South Wales
3915615Matilda BayBeez Neezreview beer53.83b4.7orange-honeyDivers TavernAmerican pale wheat aleFremantle, Western Australia
3925640Lovely ValleyGinger Bubblyreview beer53.50b3.3gingerLovely Valley Beverage Companyherbed/spiced beerMyponga
3935650The South Australian Brewing CompanySouthwark Bitterreview beer53.50b4.5aromatic(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)American macro lagerThebarton, South Australia
3945663HahnSuper Dry 3.5review beer53.49b3.5lemon-hopsThe Juicy Rumplight lagerCamperdown, New South Wales
3955693Sail & AnchorESBreview beer53.16d5.4wholesomeSail & AnchorESBFremantle, Western Australia
3965774HahnSuper Dryreview beer52.82d4.733dryBundy Club HouseAmerican macro lagerCamperdown, New South Wales
3975788Cooper'sOriginal Pale Alereview beer52.71d4.5pleasantDivers TavernEnglish pale aleRegency Park, South Australia
3985793Blue SkyPilsnerreview beer52.65b4.9grapefruity-malt(room 215 in Pensione Hotel)Euro pale lagerCairns, Queensland
3995806James Boag'sTasman Bitterreview beer52.48b4.7clean(room 3 in Barramundi Lodge)English bitterLaunceston, Tasmania
4005808Toohey'sNew White Stagreview beer52.48b4.4orange-malt(room 3 in Barramundi Lodge)American macro lagerLidcombe, New South Wales
4015825DucksteinClassic Pilsreview beer52.48d4.8tangyDuckstein BreweryEuro pale lagerSwan, Western Australia
4025832Sail & AnchorFremantle Pils ('Freo Pils')review beer52.48d4.7citrusSail & AnchorEuro pale lagerFremantle, Western Australia
4035856HolgatePilsnerreview beer52.48b4.5grapefruity(home)Euro pale lagerWoodend, Victoria
4045857BluetongueTraditional Pilsenerreview beer52.48b4.5aromatic(room 205 in Alice in the Territory hotel)Czech pilsenerCameron Park, New South Wales
4055862James Boag'sTasman Goldreview beer52.48b3.3lemony(room 205 in Alice in the Territory hotel)American macro lagerLaunceston, Tasmania
4065863BluetonguePremium Lightreview beer52.48b2.7fresh-orange(room 3 in Barramundi Lodge)light lagerCameron Park, New South Wales
4075914HahnPremiumreview beer52.48b5lagery(in the lounge in the Gecko Lodge hostel)American macro lagerCamperdown, New South Wales
4085933Toohey'sPils - Pure Pilsenerreview beer52.48b4.5fresh-frapefruit(room 224 in Beaches of Broome)German pilsenerLidcombe, New South Wales
4095946Independent Breweries (Australia)Haägen Goldreview beer52.48b3.5inoffensive(room C4 in Serpent Hostel)American macro lagerLaverton, Victoria
4105969South State Food & Beverage Pty Ltd.8.4 Alcoholic Ciderreview beer52.31b8.4coarse(room 906 in Island Pacific hotel)ciderKent Town, South Australia
4115992Carlton & United BreweriesCarlton Blackreview beer52.14d4.4bock-likeBar One (Sydney airport)English stoutMelbourne, Victoria
4126002Mountain GoatSurefoot Stout Rare Breedreview beer52.14b4.9dark-chocolate(room 215 in Pensione Hotel)American stoutRichmond, Victoria
4136003Lord NelsonVictory Bitterreview beer52.14d4.9bitter-ishLord Nelson Brewery HotelEnglish bitterSydney, New South Wales
4146004Holdfast Bay Brewing CompanyDominator Alereview beer52.14d4.8bitterThe Holdfast Hotel BrewpubEnglish bitterGlenelg, South Australia
4156074Carlton & United BreweriesVictoria Bitter (4.9% version)review beer51.85b4.9lageryWildfire (airport bar)American macro lagerMelbourne, Victoria
4166078Cooper'sExtra Strong Vintage Ale 2004review beer51.81b7.5pure-strength(my room in Museum Lodge)English strong aleRegency Park, South Australia
4176087Carlton & United BreweriesNatural Blondereview beer51.81b4.2cleanThe Juicy RumpEuro pale lagerMelbourne, Victoria
4186088Hargreaves HillPorterreview beer51.81b4.9emerging(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)English porterSteels Creek, Victoria
4196113Carlton & United BreweriesCrown Lagerreview beer51.47b4.9dryCasbah (Lasseters casino bar)Euro pale lagerMelbourne, Victoria
4206115Wig & PenAmber Hefeweizenreview beer51.47d4.75lemonyWig & Pendunkel weizenCanberra, Australian Capital Territory
4216126Wig & PenMr Naturalreview beer51.47d2.95wholesomeWig & Penlow alcohol beerCanberra, Australian Capital Territory
4226129Bells Hotel and BrewerySix Bells Ginger Bellsreview beer51.47b4.6interestingBells Hotel & Breweryvegetable beerMelbourne, Victoria
4236131MilduraBewdy Cold Lagerreview beer51.47b4.5juicy-hops(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)American pale lagerMildura, Victoria
4246132SwanDraught (4.5% version)review beer51.47b4.5orange-hops(room 224 in Beaches of Broome)American macro lagerCanning Vale, Western Australia
4256151Mountain GoatSteam Alereview beer51.47b4.5lemon-blossom(home)steam beerRichmond, Victoria
4266152CascadeBitter Beerreview beer51.47b4.4refreshing(room 316 in Hollydene Lodge)American macro lagerHobart, Tasmania
4276153Carlton & United BreweriesKB Lagerreview beer51.47c4.4sugary(my room in Museum Lodge)Euro pale lagerMelbourne, Victoria
4286159Red HillGolden Alereview beer51.47b5rindy(home)KölschRed Hill, Victoria
4296162Carlton & United BreweriesPure Blondereview beer51.47c4.6fresh-hopsThe Mandorah Beach HotelAmerican macro lagerMelbourne, Victoria
4306165Carlton & United BreweriesMidstrength Bitter Beer (Mid)review beer51.35c3.5lightBeaches of Broome (hostel bar)American macro lagerMelbourne, Victoria
4316166CastlemaineXXXX Goldreview beer51.35c3.5fresh-hopsBeaches of Broome (hostel bar)American macro lagerMilton, Queensland
4326200Carlton & United BreweriesVictoria Bitter Original Alereview beer51.13b4.6malty(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)American amber/red aleMelbourne, Victoria
4336239Cooper'sMild Alereview beer50.80d3.5refreshingPunter'sEnglish pale mild aleRegency Park, South Australia
4346246Grumpy'sSmoked Porterreview beer50.79d4.4smokyGrumpy's BrewhausEnglish porterHahndorf, South Australia
43562662 BrothersGypsy Pear Ciderreview beer50.46b4.9fruit-juice(room 310 in EasyStay Serviced Apartments)ciderMoorabbin, Victoria
4366288CastlemaineXXXX Original Draughtreview beer50.46b4.5bitter-ish(room C4 in Serpent Hostel)American macro lagerMilton, Queensland
4376291CastlemaineXXXX Light Bitterreview beer50.46b2.5malty(room C4 in Serpent Hostel)light lagerMilton, Queensland
4386319Bridge Road BrewersBeechworth Dark Alereview beer50.12b5.2rich(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)English porterBeechworth, Victoria
4396321Moorilla EstateMoo Brew Pale Alereview beer50.12d4.9floralBeer DeLuxeAmerican pale aleBerriedale, Tasmania
4406349Carlton & United BreweriesCold Filteredreview beer49.95b4grapefruity-hopsThe Gap View HotelAmerican macro lagerMelbourne, Victoria
4416411Elmar's in the ValleyKick Back Wheat Beerreview beer49.44d4.8wheatyElmar's in the Valleyhefe weizenSwan, Western Australia
4426418Elmar's in the ValleyEin Stein Pilsnerreview beer49.44d4.8bitteryElmar's in the ValleyEuro pale lagerSwan, Western Australia
4436421Holdfast Bay Brewing CompanyBelgian Golden Alereview beer49.44d4.7lemonyThe Holdfast Hotel BrewpubBelgian pale aleGlenelg, South Australia
4446422Blue SkyReef Blondereview beer49.44b4.7lemonyBlue Sky BreweryAmerican pale aleCairns, Queensland
4456423Cricketers ArmsLagerreview beer49.44b4.6malty(home)Euro pale lagerMelbourne, Australia
4466425MilduraDesert Premium Lagerreview beer49.44b4.5rindy(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)American macro lagerMildura, Victoria
4476426Port DockPDA (Port Dock Ale)review beer49.44d4.5hoppyPort Dock BreweryAmerican blonde alePort Adelaide, South Australia
4486427BaronsLifesaver Lagerreview beer49.44b4.1summeryThe Australian HotelEuro pale lagerWoollahra, New South Wales
4496428James Boag'sHammer 'n' Tongsreview beer49.44b4lemony(room 526 in Mercure Harbourside hotel)American macro lagerLaunceston, Tasmania
4506429James Boag'sPremium Lightreview beer49.44b2.9light(my room in Museum Lodge)light lagerLaunceston, Tasmania
4516430Carlton & United BreweriesSterling Lightreview beer49.44b2.5fresh(my room in Museum Lodge)light lagerMelbourne, Victoria
4526431Potters Hotel & BrewerySt. Arnou Pilsnerreview beer49.44b4.5lemon-hopsPaddywhacksCzech pilsenerNulkaba, New South Wales
4536445Gage RoadsPremium Lagerreview beer49.44b4.7maltyZeebarEuro pale lagerPalmyra, Western Australia
4546448Independent Breweries (Australia)Six Stars Platinum Blondereview beer49.44b4.6melony(room 224 in Beaches of Broome)American pale lagerLaverton, Victoria
4556455Carlton & United BreweriesPure Blonde Nakedreview beer49.44b3.5freshBojangleslight lagerMelbourne, Victoria
4566460The BrewhouseSunshine Wheatreview beer49.44d5bitterThe BrewhouseAmerican pale wheat aleBrisbane, Queensland
4576481Toohey'sBlue Bitterreview beer49.11b2.5semi-freshCourthouse Hotellight lagerLidcombe, New South Wales
4586501Blue SkySmoked Wheat Beerreview beer49.11d4.8smokedBlue Sky Brewerysmoked aleCairns, Queensland
4596503Resch'sDraughtreview beer49.11d4.7some-characterGeorge HotelEuro pale lagerMelbourne, Victoria
4606652CastlemaineXXXX Bitterreview beer49.11b4.733standardPunter'sAmerican macro lagerMilton, Queensland
4616661Foster'sLagerreview beer48.94b4.9lageryRed Ochre Grill (Aurora Hotel)American macro lagerSouthbank, Victoria
4626703Foster'sLight Icereview beer48.43b2.3semi-malty(room 205 in Alice in the Territory hotel)light lagerSouthbank, Victoria
4636714The Macquarie Hotel (Schwartz Brewery)Pilsnerreview beer48.43b4.9tangy-hops(home)Czech pilsenerSydney, New South Wales
4646720Matso'sHit the Toadreview beer48.43d4.6citrus-lemonMatso's Broome BrewerydortmunderBroome, Western Australia
4656733HahnPremium Lightreview beer48.43c2.65light(on the airplane from Singapore to Perth)light lagerCamperdown, New South Wales
4666742Kelly BrothersSparkling Ciderreview beer48.26b7fizzy(home)ciderWonga Park, Victoria
4676746Five IslandsGeringong Ginger Beerreview beer48.09d4.8gingerFive Islands Breweryherbed/spiced beerWollongong, New South Wales
4686750Yarra FlatsBuckley's nuPtIaLZreview beer48.09b4.5citrus(room 220 in All Nations Hostel)American macro lagerHealesville, Victoria
4696753The BrewhouseMidnight Extra Stoutreview beer48.09d6.8burntThe BrewhouseEnglish stoutBrisbane, Queensland
4706771Carlton & United BreweriesDryreview beer47.92b4.5lageryCasbah (Lasseters casino bar)American macro lagerMelbourne, Victoria
4716790James Boag'sPure Tasmanian Lagerreview beer47.42b4.5hoppy(room 205 in Alice in the Territory hotel)Euro pale lagerLaunceston, Tasmania
4726791Cooper'sClearreview beer47.42b4.5basic(room 3 in Barramundi Lodge)American pale lagerRegency Park, South Australia
4736800The Two Metre Tall CompanyHuon Real Tasmanian Ciderreview beer47.25b7.5rustic(room 215 in Pensione Hotel)ciderNew Norfolk, Tasmania
4746835Carlton & United BreweriesMelbourne Bitter (4.6% version)review beer46.91b4.6averageUncle's TavernAmerican macro lagerMelbourne, Victoria
4756840Five IslandsParkyns Shark Oil Pale Alereview beer46.74d4.7bitterFive Islands BreweryAmerican IPAWollongong, New South Wales
4766863Australian Brewing CorporationKing Lagerreview beer46.40b4.9average(on the train from Liverpool to London)American macro lagerLittle River, Victoria
4776864Carlton & United BreweriesNT Draughtreview beer46.40b4.9maizyTodd River Ale House (airport bar)American macro lagerMelbourne, Victoria
4786871SwanDraught (4.8% version)review beer46.40d4.8citrusThe Grosvenor HotelAmerican macro lagerCanning Vale, Western Australia
4796877Little CreaturesOriginal Pilsnerreview beer46.40b4.6crisp(room 225 in Good Earth Hotel)Czech pilsenerFremantle, Western Australia
4806878Little CreaturesPilsnerreview beer46.40b4.6interesting(my room in Museum Lodge)Czech pilsenerFremantle, Western Australia
4816879Carlton & United BreweriesEmpire Lagerreview beer46.40b4.6bitter(room C4 in Serpent Hostel)light lagerMelbourne, Victoria
4826880BowralPigs Fly Pilsnerreview beer46.40b4.6yeasty(home)German pilsenerMoss Vale, New South Wales
4836882KoscuszkoPale Alereview beer46.40d4.5crispThe Grosvenor HotelEnglish pale aleJindabyne, New South Wales
4846907CastlemaineSovereign Premium Midstrength Lagerreview beer46.40b3.8bitter-ish(room 16B in Serpent Hostel)Euro pale lagerMilton, Queensland
4856912Cooper'sPremium Lightreview beer46.40b2.9light(room 3 in Barramundi Lodge)light lagerRegency Park, South Australia
4866913Carlton & United BreweriesLightreview beer46.40c2.7refreshingThe Mandorah Beach Hotellight lagerMelbourne, Victoria
4876914Five IslandsLighthouse Lightreview beer46.40d2.5wateryFive Islands Brewerylow alcohol beerWollongong, New South Wales
4886926Elephant's RockApple Ciderreview beer46.23b6.5winey(home)ciderDenmark, Western Australia
4896927Carlton & United BreweriesVictoria Bitter (4.6% version)review beer46.15c4.6bland(on the airplane from Sydney to Hong Kong)American macro lagerMelbourne, Victoria
4906933The South Australian Brewing CompanySouthwark Old Stoutreview beer46.07b7.5liquorice(my room in Museum Lodge)export stoutThebarton, South Australia
4916938Grumpy'sPale Alereview beer46.07d4.5hoppyGrumpy's BrewhausAmerican pale aleHahndorf, South Australia
4926977Carlton & United BreweriesCarlton Draught (4.6% version)review beer45.39d4.6lageryPJ O'Brian'sAmerican macro lagerMelbourne, Victoria
4936984Three OaksAlcoholic Apple Cider Dryreview beer45.39b5.3mildThe Rock BarciderSalisbury, South Australia
4946986GulfHarvest Moon Organic Beerreview beer45.39b4.6Dutch(home)Euro pale lagerAdelaide, South Australia
4957008James Squire Brewhouse (Sydney)The Craicreview beer45.05d4.9dryJames Squire BrewhouseIrish dry stoutSydney, New South Wales
4967010Carlton & United BreweriesSheaf Stoutreview beer45.05b5.7super-rich(my room in Museum Lodge)milk stoutMelbourne, Victoria
4977053Port DockPowerZ Premiumreview beer44.38d4.5refreshingPort Dock BreweryEuro pale lagerPort Adelaide, South Australia
4987141Lord NelsonQuayle Ale (4% version)review beer42.35d4respectableLord Nelson Brewery Hotelkristal weizenSydney, New South Wales
4997143BluetonguePremium Lagerreview beer42.35b4.9gassy(my room in Museum Lodge)Euro pale lagerCameron Park, New South Wales
5007145Toohey'sMaximreview beer42.35b4.6ordinary(my room in Museum Lodge)American macro lagerLidcombe, New South Wales
5017154CascadePremium Lightreview beer42.35b2.8bitter-ish(my room in Museum Lodge)light lagerHobart, Tasmania
5027185Carlton & United BreweriesCarlton Draught (4.9% version)review beer40.32d4.9lageryShennanigansAmerican macro lagerMelbourne, Victoria
5037204Carlton & United BreweriesCarlton Lightreview beer39.31b2.7fizzy(room 6 in Annie's Place hostel)light lagerMelbourne, Victoria
5047226Matso'sGinger Beerreview beer37.06b3.5intenseThe Old Zoo Caféherbed/spiced beerBroome, Western Australia
5057236Independent Breweries (Australia)Haägen Premium Blondereview beer36.27b4.7tangyThe Mandorah Beach HotelEuro pale lagerLaverton, Victoria
5067241Lovely ValleySmooth Chillireview beer34.25b4.2gassyLovely Valley Beverage Companychilli beerMyponga
5077251Matso'sChilli-outreview beer30.19d4.5fireyMatso's Broome Breweryherbed/spiced beerBroome, Western Australia

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