Aspall Cider: Dry Premier Cru Suffolk Cyder

[Cider, brewed in United Kingdom (England)]

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What Aspall Cider Dry Premier Cru Suffolk Cyder says about itself (beer blurb or commercial description):
Our flagship cyder and the first of the re-launched range to go to market in 2000. Premier Cru has been awarded World's Best Cider and World's Best Dry Cider in the 2008 World Cider Awards run by Beers of The World Magazine. It was described by the judges as "an elegant and well bred dry cider, with a soft fragrant nose and enough earthy apple notes to keep its feet on the ground" Premier Cru has also scooped first prize in the Quality Drink Awards 2008, receiving high praise from the judges who described it as the "gewurtztraminer" of the cider world. Of mid straw-gold colour with a clean, light aroma of dessert apples, Premier Cru is dry, round and creamy on the palate with a good acid balance, pleasant soft tannins and an elegant, long finish. A champagne taste that embodies the essence of an orchard, it has enticed an admiring audience who describe it as ‘pale, subtle and crisp, with a fresh aroma of English apples.’

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Aspall Cider Dry Premier Cru Suffolk Cyder

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Beer Details:
Brewery:Aspall Cider
Country of origin:United Kingdom (England)
Strength ABV:7.00% (based on most recent review or average of estimates)
Style:Cider (based on the most recent review)
Added:Thursday 20 January 2011

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reviewed by guest, from world, on Thursday 20 January 2011 at 12:10

Score: 74.50% based on taste=9, aroma=5, mouthfeel=7, drinkability=9, appearance=7.

This user said that this beer was of the style: Cider, and colour: pale

Best cyder on the UK market.Try it!

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