Abbaye De Leffe: Leffe Vieille Cuvée

[Belgian Strong Dark Ale, brewed in Belgium]

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What Abbaye De Leffe Leffe Vieille Cuvée says about itself (beer blurb or commercial description):
The authentic Belgian abbey beer: Leffe Vieille Cuvee has a creamy and very aromatic taste.

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Abbaye De Leffe Leffe Vieille Cuvée

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Beer Details:
Brewery:Abbaye De Leffe
Country of origin:Belgium
Strength ABV:8.20% (based on most recent review or average of estimates)
Style:Belgian Strong Dark Ale (based on the most recent review)
Added:Wednesday 21 July 2010

User reviews of Abbaye De Leffe Leffe Vieille Cuvée

reviewed by admin1, from Tunisia, on Wednesday 21 July 2010 at 7:57

Score: 75.10% based on taste=8, aroma=8, mouthfeel=8, drinkability=7, appearance=9.

This user said that this beer was of the style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale, and colour: dark

One of the rarer Leffe beers, this strong Belgian dark ale come from a distinctive purple bottle in the familiar Leffe style. It pours deep dark golden - very appealing appearance with a foamy head, crown lacing and overall good head retainment.

It is a sweet beer, full bodied with not too much carbonation. The texture is rich caramel malt, treacle and a well-balanced thick lemony malt as well. For a strong beer, it's not too hard going down - the balance is just so good, with lots of rich malt.

This review is based on a tasting in Italy in the small Lake Como village of Varenna in a quaint bar called Nilus Bar. I haven't had the pleasure of trying it very often, despite the fact that I see it in speciality beer stockists every now and then. The flavour is rich chocolate malt with thick treacle, becoming rich toffee in the finish with lasting treacle.

A rich syrupy caramel aroma is succeeded by a sweet malt palate, along with lots of chocolate and caramel. This is a great dark beer that is arguably one of the best in the Leffe range - full of fantastic caramel flavour and aroma.

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