Abbaye De Leffe: Leffe Blonde

[Belgian Pale Ale, brewed in Belgium]

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What Abbaye De Leffe Leffe Blonde says about itself (beer blurb or commercial description):
Abbey of Leffe blonde beer is a highly fermented beer to be savoured. The ingredients are light malt, corn, water, hops and yeast, which give it a bright golden colour with dazzling reflections. The alcohol content is 6.6 %, the ideal serving temperature 5 to 6 C. As a bottled beer, it is to be savoured with pleasure, as a draft beer it is thirst quenching. The taste is full, sweet and fruity (with a hint of bitter orange), and the after-taste is powerful and surprising.

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Abbaye De Leffe Leffe Blonde

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Beer Details:
Brewery:Abbaye De Leffe
Country of origin:Belgium
Strength ABV:6.60% (based on most recent review or average of estimates)
Style:Belgian Pale Ale (based on the most recent review)
Added:Tuesday 20 July 2010

User reviews of Abbaye De Leffe Leffe Blonde

reviewed by guest, from world, on Thursday 14 April 2011 at 20:57

Score: 72.30% based on taste=9, aroma=7, mouthfeel=7, drinkability=7, appearance=7.

This user said that this beer was of the style: Belgian Pale Ale, and colour: golden

Very pricey in English shops, but ASDA stores have 4*33cl packs at 7.00 if you purchase two at once, so hurry the offer may not last long.

reviewed by admin1, from Tunisia, on Tuesday 20 July 2010 at 13:53

Score: 70.30% based on taste=8, aroma=7, mouthfeel=8, drinkability=6, appearance=8.

This user said that this beer was of the style: Belgian Pale Ale, and colour: light to mid golden

Leffe Blonde is no doubt the most famous of the Leffe brewery's portfolio of about eight beers (regular and seasonal). This pale ale is a year-round favourite internationally and is available at just about every venue that serves any form for Belgian and/or world beers. Its ubiquity is for good reason, as it is an excellent example of a Belgian spicy pale beer.

Spices and toffee dominate the flavour, and I thought there was even some pear flavour in the finish. The spice and toffee blend fantastically on the palate and the tongue is malty.

Leffe Blonde is light copper in colour with a great head of froth that lasting - very smooth and silky. Through the white bubbles emerges a malty, spicy aroma with a touch of yeast. There is a balance to this beer that some other beers of its type fail to achieve but some might argue the warming spice feel to be a little overwhelming.

This is a beer of great standing and character (despite the fact it's owned by InBev), with a texture brimming with toffee malt and spices. (This review is based on a tasting in La Casa, a Liverpool Italian bar, 7/3/09.)

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