Abbaye De Leffe: Leffe Brune

[Belgian Dark Ale, brewed in Belgium]

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What Abbaye De Leffe Leffe Brune says about itself (beer blurb or commercial description):
Abbey of Leffe dark beer is a highly fermented beer to be savoured. The ingredients are, roasted malt, corn, water, hops and yeast which gives it its a deep autumnal brown colour. Its alcohol content is 6.5 %, its ideal temperature 5 to 6 c. As a bottled beer, it is to be savoured with pleasure, as a draft beer it is thirst quenching. The taste may be defined as follows: the aroma, a hint of ripe apple. The sensation of a medium to full ale taste in the mouth; at normal cellar temperature, the taste develops from a pleasing sweet-fruity to brown sugar (with a hint of caramel and butter candy) to an aftertaste that is spicy and dry.

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Abbaye De Leffe Leffe Brune

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Beer Details:
Brewery:Abbaye De Leffe
Country of origin:Belgium
Strength ABV:7.00% (based on most recent review or average of estimates)
Style:Belgian Dark Ale (based on the most recent review)
Added:Tuesday 20 July 2010

User reviews of Abbaye De Leffe Leffe Brune

reviewed by guest, from world, on Friday 14 September 2012 at 21:23

Score: 83.50% based on taste=9, aroma=8, mouthfeel=9, drinkability=9, appearance=9.

This user said that this beer was of the style: Belgian Dark Ale, and colour: caramel

Recently in Belgium and this was the ale of choice. Superb taste

reviewed by admin1, from Tunisia, on Tuesday 20 July 2010 at 12:06

Score: 68.25% based on taste=8, aroma=7, mouthfeel=6, drinkability=7, appearance=8.

This user said that this beer was of the style: Belgian Dark Ale, and colour: dark

One of the two most famous Belgian ales from the Leffe abbey brewery, Leffe Brune is a flavoury dark beer, full-bodied, medium sweet, with moderate carbonation. It has a mouthfeel that, based on my tasting of 11/11/09 (one of many tasting of this wonderful beer), I thought was rather smoky.

The flavour is of chocolate roasted malt and that weird smokyness is at the very start. In the aftertaste, this aspect develops, alongside lots more chocolate and dark malts. No doubt Leffe Brune's popularity has waxed due to the strong marketing of InBev, but at least it has substance to it and is very tasty.

The palate detects a smoked malt, syrupy actually, and there is chocolate malt on the tongue. The appearance is very appealing, with a thick head - fairly good retainment - and through it emerges a roast chocolate malt aroma. Just one piece of advice. Don't drink this out of the bottle, because you really won't get the full benefit of everything it has to offer.

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