Redoak Boutique Beer Café: St. Nicholas 2006

[Tripel, brewed in Australia]

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Beer Details:
Brewery:Redoak Boutique Beer Café
Country of origin:Australia
Strength ABV:9.00% (based on most recent review or average of estimates)
Style:Tripel (based on the most recent review)
Added:Monday 12 July 2010

User reviews of Redoak Boutique Beer Café St. Nicholas 2006

reviewed by admin1, from Tunisia, on Monday 12 July 2010 at 13:42

Score: 76.50% based on taste=9, aroma=8, mouthfeel=9, drinkability=6, appearance=7.

This user said that this beer was of the style: Tripel, and colour: dark golden

Another one of Redoak's top-of-the-range vintage ales, St. Nicholas is described as a Belgian triple, but many would argue it's more of a Belgian strong dark ale. But then, beer style is often not an exact science. When it first hit my lips, I got a sort of fizzy caramel flavoury (very tasty!) and a gorgeous sweet toffee. I thought it finished apple with a really nice tangy caramel.

This is a full bodied dark ale, very sweet, with a palate of apples and toffee. Apples are also evident on the tongue, in addition to wine undertones and a strange sort of fizzy toffee sensation.

The head retainment is not much to speak of, but I don't think it's meant to be. The aroma is that of pure alcohol, but balanced with lots of caramel and more undertones of wine. The overall texture is caramel and lots and lots of sweet toffee. It's packaged much like their Baltic Porter, with a simple white sticker label. It cost $15 (which is a little more reasonable than the Baltic Porter) and is a little sharper in its overall character. A fantastic beer.

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