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A warm welcome! You are free to add your own beer reviews, as well as pub and beer shop reviews. You can upload images of beers and venues, as well as view world beer charts, including personal beer charts featuring over 7000 different ales and ciders. You don't have to join, but as a member, you get your own customisable profile page plus greater access to the best, worst and strongest beers. Even as a non-member, though, you are welcome to chat in the forums and contribute to The Beer Experience.

Use the search facility above to find the beers, ciders and best beer venues of the world. You can even use your profile page to send private messages to other members. We hope you have a great Beer Experience. Cheers!


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  • You can review as many beers as you want, without even signing up!
  • Click "Add a Beer" (in the left-hand menu).
  • Fill in the beer's details and score it, then write as short or long a review as you like.
  • Click the button to add the beer.
  • Confirm the name of the brewery and beer and click the button to proceed.
  • Your beer review is added! You then have the option to upload images, if you want to.

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To place your own beer site here, contact Neil Buckley. All we ask is that you link back to The Beer Experience. Thanks.

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World beer, including Belgian, German and American ales, plus beer ratings charts.

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Beer community dedicated to supporting and promoting beer through education and appreciation. Learn more about craft beer, find a brewpub, brewery, bar, festival, become a beer geek and respect beer.

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Find everything you need related to beer, breweries, brewpubs, bars and anything else related to beer. Your free ultimate resource for beer, breweries and brewpubs.

Beer Pal
BeerPal is the most user friendly beer community in the world; a resource of beers, breweries, events and news with reviews and ratings.

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(Click an image below to see that beer's review.)

Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen
Dinkelacker-Schwaben Bräu Das Echte Märzen
Lohrer Keiler Weissbier Dunkel
Carlow Marks & Spencer Genuine Irish Stout
Furstenburg Frei
Box Steam Funnel Blower
Erdinger Alkoholfrie
Kaiserdom Munchenal
Saint Omer Starberg
Kronenbourg Wilfort

Chimay Blue Cap

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